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Becca's Art Shop! (Couple freebies first ^3^)


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I guess I haven't introduced my self yet here, so... nice to meet youu! <3 owo Im Becca, and ill be opening up an art shop!

Ill be accepting both Gold, and PayPal in exchange for art, (I also really want the infernal lord's eye brows so Ill accept that as well if anyone wants! ^^)

But for now I'm going to do a few free requests, I figure that's the best way to get known; so post your beautiful characters! (Most will probably be sketches, some might not be.)

Ill be posting prices and other important details later when I am finished with the couple of freebies.






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6 minutes ago, Drevas said:

Maybe one for my Lyn named Halcyon
And how much will it be for gold?

:o He looks so cool!

Haha that's what im trying to figure out ^-^'

Since theres no other shop open yet, and im still new to the game im not sure how much I should charge, how much do you think you'd be willing to pay?

(For PayPal my a full body drawing is $20, Waist-up will be maybe $15, and head shot is $10 while chibis would be like $7 or something... I'm still figuring it all out. xD)

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Sorry took so long! i had some serious tests and projects to work on ;A;

Okay here you go Misato!!

Uhh... i got a little too creative so sorry that it doesnt really look exactly like her xD

If you want I can do a re draw oh her, and make it... well, normal. xP


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