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  1. Fire/Thunder Sunder?

    So i was looking at a BD solo 6-man poh video, and i noticed that his sunders were doing thunder/fire element dmg o-o and so i'm wondering: do we get it in the lvl 50 patch or something? or was this a old bd version and they literally removed it from the game? =/
  2. This weeks outfit rotation

    >-> <-< i dont have a female char but... am i the only one who is bothered that sohawt's costume bra was changed to black?
  3. Warlock 100% broken in PvP? Opinions?

    well helix > call for pvp and honesty, i can vouch for this. I got plat with my warlock and that was only thanks to bots (thrall + ss and they just sit there wasting their skills for a few seconds until they go after you lol), and now i cant even do a 1v1 match because the skillcap suddenly got insane, i literally cant do anything most of the fights (specially against bm, they just effin block, run, block, run, block run, go in, uses areal combo, then ss, then block, run, block, run, and do the same thing over and over, wtf am i supposed to do if i cant even catch them, meanwhile they can just use boot to kick me out of my block...) Cd's are way too long, leech doesnt work most of the times due to defensive skills, anything that you use can get parried and will stun you, our sustain isnt the best, we only have 2, 2 iframes and one being on a insane long cd (36s), the other being either 8s or 12s depending on what you spec, and without sanctum hongmoon, we cant even protect ourselfes (even so, the "no target outside the area" sanctum is useless because fm can just use meteor shower forcing you to get out of the area..) thrall is prob the most useless thing ever, he is just there to be a buff totem, pve and pvp wise, compared to summoner's cat that bring way more stuff to the fight.. "but oh you guys have time distortion" but wait! ppl have cc, ppl can run, if you use time distortion, 50% of the chances the enemy will try to get you away from thrall, or the other 50%, the will run so far away that you wont be able to cast a single skill on them and waste td. thankfully i dislike pvp, and since it's so easy to make money now i can just go ahead and buy my soulstones whenever i need, and since i love WL in pve, this wont be a issue to me anymore
  4. Cant find myself (but in the other hand i can find a guy from fr server that uses the same ign as me .-.) also cant find my friends..
  5. then dont copper war, for gods sake what's even the point of even doing it? to annoy the heck out of ppl who want to move on? Seriously whenever a item that i want drops i bid 50s-xg (depending on it) right away to speed up the process, because it's faster, and avoid risk of ppl being scammed due to "y spam". You're not even supposed to y spam, just wait 3s before you bid something so you can watch the price and see if it will get within what you wanted.
  6. Some advices would not hurt.

    get naryu soulshield for now (you can also mix and get mushin's 2/bsh 3 5 7 for crit) never, ever bother with other acessories, always stick and upgrade your hongmoon ones between weapon and acessories, lvl you weapon first cause pugs mentality will always prefer ppl with high ap. As for acessory upgrade wise, bracelet>ring>earring>necklace>belt. Since i'm sure you wont be able to upgrade pirate bracelet anytime soon, just start from ring =P and yeah pretty much it's a guessing game for us in soulstone plains, usually i use my z or ss away from his aoe range after his 6th yellow attack to ensure i wont get hit lol
  7. Shadow and Frost

    from my personal experiene: stick with dragon helix until you're able to get the hongmoon skill, then you should switch back to dragoncall the reason is, helix dmg output is always going to be higher than call (until the book), at lvl 30 you will unlock the leech skill, so you can basically spam helix a ton of times. Spec your V into tier 3 stage 2, and every time you hit it, you can use 1 helix. Your 3, on crit, will also give you 1 helix proc, and after it finishes it channeling it will reset v cd so you can use it again, then after everything use 2 + leech (f), so it will give you another 4 cast and reset your v cd again, so you can do it again, and prob by the time you're done your 3 should be up so you can repeat the combo =P Dragoncall is slow, and usually you can use it 4 times (by combo-ing with other skills so it resets cd) before you need to spam rmb + f to reset it's cd, but with hongmoon skill, you get a free insta proc on every other crit (aka, your first dragoncall crits, then you get a insta proc, but even if your insta crit you wont get another free proc until the next dragoncall) meaning you can spam it over and over, and the dmg output is also insane, specially with time distortion xD
  8. what a big waste of time

    ranged classes? you mean force masters* FORCE MASTERS* ffs ppl stop thinking that force master is the only *cricket* ranged class in the game warlock only have 2 iframes (aka z (36s cd) and ss, 8/12s cd depending on spec ), and a block (which is usefull only if you get the aggro, but then again you cant block red skills, like bm), and god the ammout of times i had to eat a few hits from red aoes because i dont have enough iframes and ppl refuse to cc is ridiculous (and + i have to even tank bosses now because hongmoon dragoncall makes me get aggro every time, so i'm usually wasting my iframes before they even uses their big aoes) heck i think scummoners have like, that dandelion and ss as well as their only iframes as well (and petals for ranged stuff) but i'm guessing their cd is lower..
  9. what a big waste of time

    FM this, FM that, FM FM FM... why are ppl always talking about force masters, when warlock/scummoners also exists? like, they do dps as well u know >-> anyway
  10. I remember asking this in Exertus thread, but could you make a tae jangum preset? i'd love to see your version as well xD (Jin race) here are some pictures: And this preset for a lyn whenever you can .w.
  11. actually in order to make the boss in beastbog to spawn you just need to kill those elite mobs a 100 times (hence that's why it's a 24-man dungeon lol)
  12. The 8 masters

    now that i think about it, i guess i prob mistook leerok as the warlock :x
  13. The 8 masters

    the first time we've met them, there was a warlock there with no name I asked the same questions to my guildmates yesterday and one of them said supposely it's iksanun
  14. 58 Second Junghado Speed Kill

    Do you mind sharing your build? xD
  15. South America Server Petition

    300-500 ping, where the hell do you live, freaking Narnia? I'm from brazil and i get 150 ping at most, and it's completely playable (though i'm used to this ping after playing in lol's na server for over 2 years) fyi, the language is english, not american ;)
  16. Blackwyrm is a bunch of crap

    this^ x100 you need to do 1% of his hp in order to get loot. So it's 680k/900k dmg, depending on which version of wyrm you're fighting
  17. Mob Resetting

    so annoying to solo brightstone with this bug =/
  18. Soulstones...WTF?!

    you do realize that 1: BSH hongmoon scrolls drops are abysmal, some ppl take 45 runs just to drop one. AND NOT EVERY SCROLL IS EXPENSIVE (aka kfm comet strike, sum bees, FM ??? [i dont remember which skill]). And even if you get all that gold, i doubt anyone would spend everything in soulstones 2: Not every class can solo brightstone, some need to be very well geared in order to do it, and some cant even do shit because of the annoying reset bug (aka warlock, force masters [but they still can kite with freezing skills so some of them dont have this problem). Merry potters recipe also have a very low drop rate, my friend took around 37 runs before she managed to get it.
  19. Level 50 patch - Classes for PvE

    not sure about that party buff, but i've heard a lot that from all classes, Force master is the one that deals the most dmg. Warlock comes second due to soulburn, then Summoner (yes sum can still solo content due to cat, though i've heard his cat taunt got nerfed, need to confirm that) and Assassin. Though WL and Sum are the most in-demand classes for 50 pve, so if you really want to prepare, i suggest you pick one of the 2.
  20. How to farm gold as a warlock

    If you realy want to make an alt for farming purposes, then go ahead and make a summoner, just remember you will need to gear him as well. I've never made one, but they can clear stuff pretty easy if you know what you're doing . But if you're enjoying warlock, then i suggest you stick with him and farm gold with him. As for buying gold with NCoin, you need to watch ctrl+c often. Usually when a new costume gets released the ratio goes bellow 1:60, so that's the best time to buy it, otherwise dont. From true profane to awaken pirate is pretty straightforward, but to get true pirate you need 27g + 10 moonwater transformation stones + 100 warrior tokens + 230 soulstones + 10 naryu coins + a pirate weapon of your class, then a warrior weapon of your class for breakthrough (can be either brought from a merchant for 200 warrior tokens, or drops from a chest from junghado[also drops from silver deva at a veeeery low rate, i got one myself so it saved me time from not raging at junghado fights over and over lol]) so it's gonna take a while. Buying gold def makes things easier, but you must first consider if it's worthy or not. Prices for everything is going down atm also (soulstones are almost 10s each and moonwater stones are 4g)
  21. How to farm gold as a warlock

    you dont need 20 alts just to gear one char lol i prepared for warlock when we got info that he was going to be released with my old bd main (mind you, at that time MTS were 6g+, merry potters recipe was 30-40g and soulstones were 38s) by just doing dailies, farming tears (not using ogong glitch because i was avoiding that dungeon, but i was doing brightstone duo runs with friends), perfumes, machismos and a lot of other stuff. And yes it took me weeks to get everything, but by the time warlock came i had enough stuff to upgrade weapon to true pirate if i wanted (atm i'm at awaken pirate 10 and almost ready to upgrade again) you just need patience, you will get there eventually.
  22. 1st - have you finished poh 6-man? 2nd - have you got the quest in the fishing lodge? 3rd - have your friend done both things?
  23. Grilled yutay sounds good, or maybe friWHAT SHOULD WE HAVE FOR DINNER? honestly i kinda enjoy some of the vo [like most of the blackram cause they're funny, and juwol cause she is bae] (and hate some.. I'M LOOKING AT YOU CHENGUM/ILSIM >->), but some of them feels so.. emotionless, idk why.. I also hated when i found out that they were using the same dubbers for different ppl.. in the main story line (yes i'm looking at you again chengum/ilsim) and also, somes are even missing a vo (like poor old cobalt) or have some odd translations (like, the womans from tomb of exiles, they're like "oh get me out of this place" "ugh this stinks" "save me" but their dialog box is like "dont touch my husband!" like wtf..)