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Problem with fps


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Hi, my graphic card is a AMD " Sapphire R9 270X Dual-X 2GB GDDR5", with that card i can play most of the games on high-ultra setups with a high fps performance but in blade and soul i have so low fps, and i'm with the combat mode enabled, so the options are on the most low level.

I compare to some friends and they have more than double fps than me, when my computer setup is better and i have more fps in all game than then, but not in b&s.

I have 20-25 fps in hogshead hamlet, and in some bosses from 24man i lower to 5 fps.

Is there any solution to that? maybe the newest drivers didn't fit well and i should go back to some older?

Thank you.

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You are not alone with this issue.


I have a newly built computer and have tried just about anything to get stable FPS.

But even with a PC like this:

i7 6700 4.4ghz skylake cpu

16gb corsair dominator ram at 2800mhz

970 gtx nvidia card


I can barely hold 60 fps stable at "default" settings, its not worth dropping the gfx to shit just to see an improvement, cause the fps drops are major. And tbh, its only in BnS, every other game runs perfectly at maxed settings.


Combined with low unstable fps and crashes, reboots and whatever, its amazing I'm still trying to play this game..

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it would make the community very happy if they would just address the fact that the problem exists. 


hardware does not seem to equate into the issue, the people who experience the issues have a very wide array of hardware, ingame setting do not change the performance at all.


the fps drops and freezes are most notable in group content, and in combat when a skill connects with another player/mob, the more hits at once the more FPS loss/ freezing occurs.


back when they released aion it was the Gameguard program that completely destroyed  the game experience for a lot of people, it was eventually switched off and to this day gameguard still is disabled for that game. im wondering if gameguard could be the culprit here. 

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