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  1. this is a major problem and it has nothing to do with the mob spawn point or rally point or where you think you drag them .. mobs are resetting right there on the spot and usually when i use Soul Shackle its pretty damn annoying and i'm starting to give up hope for this game FeelsBadMan .. EDIT : Distance from the mob doesn't matter also .. i usually play pretty close i'm NEVER in max range only on big bosses but we talking about simple mobs here ...
  2. your realistic point of view is wrong again and not real .. just look at how many ppl bought the master founder pack (without the game being release yet in NA/EU) and maybe then you'll understand wich i very much doubt it . over and out
  3. I assumed we already have the warlock but that's not the point of this topic is it ? and if u judge the game by your broke ass point of view it dosent mean that ppl arent willing to pay WAAAYYY more than your 300euros
  4. let me break it down for ya : if i'm doing the faction quests and a warlock with a 70%more power book (that he bought with real money) jump me and kill me its pay to "WIN" EDIT : he won the fight cause he payed real money .
  5. 300-400 who cares .. if u don't have the money to buy it it dosent mean that it's not pay to win tho ... so if someone can make his char. stronger than mine just sitting in town and paying real money its PAY TO WIN simple as that
  6. Lol just realise that we need 5 of these just to evolve our rings form 36 i assume we gonna need 5 for neck and 5 for earing.... so in other words we gonna need alot more than 100g just to upgrade our 36 shit ... and since server is fresh and not that many 45s we're gonna see alot more hate about this crap than joy
  7. really ? well this is good news but kinda bad game design right ? :)) will try it tonight thanks !
  8. Seriously , do you really think this is some kind of endgame ??? after evolving our weapons we done ? NO ! we need to be upgraded in order to play the endgame not farming for a freekin' overpriced stone .
  9. U call this endgame ? LMAO and btw i'm lvl 45 and max silver i get for a q is 40s (only 1 quest) , where do u see those golds maybe i'm blind .... i'm not gonna waste my time trying to farm 100000 quest for 4-15 silvers and to call it endgame and besides that i also played on playbns / china and taiwan and never had this problem !
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