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  1. Yeah, I did that quest before F9 existed on all my characters, so it seems I won't be able to do Mushin's tower, thanks guys.
  2. I did every quest in Mushin's tower, still can't enter :(. Oh well.
  3. Recently started playing again after a year long hiatus and am unable to enter Jakdan's room on any of my characters despite beating Mushin's darkness dozens of times. Any help?
  4. Increasing an MMO's level cap twice in three months is far from normal.
  5. HM levels are separate. Get to level cap. go back to increasing HM levels. It's not rocket surgery.
  6. Game's gonna be dead in a month. They're not gonna sell one month subs.
  7. White Knights coming for damage control.
  8. I don't wanna shock you, but you might have an addictive personality.
  9. It's a NCSoft game, what did you expect? Just have your fun before this game ends up like Wildstar.
  10. Every class in this game is a joke in terms of difficulty, I usually pop in Demons' Souls if I actually want a challenge. I'm honestly surprised people even take pvp seriously in a game full of bots and hackers. The only hard thing about playing this game is the 2 second delay on skills(Thanks NCSoft!).
  11. Decided to farm this outfit a week ago, got it my first run, 2 gold bid.
  12. Just NCSoft's latest scam to get suckers to give away CC info.
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