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Dealing with FM's as Destro


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So, I was a 1750 rated destroyer in Pre-season. FM's used to be a tough matchup, however with the new HM Levels and the actual season I find myself instantly losing to any FM.

1 and 2 skills are generally permanently locked by their ice limiting your ability to stay on them, then They spam their CCs and jump away, ontop of that they now have the ability to just melt your faces off.

How are you dealing with them?


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i wish i knew how :).  My only hope is that my ping wont jump up and i can spin right before there projectile hits me, somehow get close enough, and hope they blow there escapes as soon as possible .     Which makes me probably kill like 1 in 7 fms or so :D .   Which is realy bad :p.

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I have limited matchup experience with them myself because I rarely see them but here's some notes from my experience with them:

1. If you get frozen to the ground, use SS (backdash) to break out of it.
2. Another use of SS is to turn around and use it as a gap closer with iframes.
3. Tab should prevent them from just throwing random things at you; if they're literally just lobbing everything they have at you all the time, you should be able to get easy deflects with Tab. Otherwise, the ice bolt actually is somewhat slow in the sense that at 10m or so you might have enough time to react with Tab.
4. If C is up, try to use that to iframe some CCs and use the followup as a gap closer.

5. You can try running Perseverance over Fury; it can be spec'ed to break out of Stuns and Dazes. It's a much less popular option, but I think it has its uses and is the preferred one for myself.
6. Be patient, they can freeze themselves off grab and also can put a "parry" which freezes themselves when they get hit. Don't blow all your CC/Focus right away trying to hit an ice block. 

Not sure if any of this helps but it's all I can think of offhand.

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