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  1. So, I was a 1750 rated destroyer in Pre-season. FM's used to be a tough matchup, however with the new HM Levels and the actual season I find myself instantly losing to any FM. 1 and 2 skills are generally permanently locked by their ice limiting your ability to stay on them, then They spam their CCs and jump away, ontop of that they now have the ability to just melt your faces off. How are you dealing with them?
  2. Filthy Bump, since there's still nobody talking about it.
  3. I'm off for the night but feel free to contact me tomorrow for an invite!
  4. I've not played the KR or other servers, so I have no idea if clans actually have a purpose at lv50 content, but my hope is that there's actual things for them to craft and do. Also if you're on Jiwan feel free to come join <Lickable Lolis>!
  5. I was mentioning specifically Clan issues, since next to nobody ever talks about them here on the forums.
  6. English pls. Lest I take you as a filthy red spy and be forced to run you through!
  7. There's quite a few out here on Jiwan. I always see clusters of guild groups out in mistywoods & Blackwyrm. There's also a scummy crimson skoom clan that I've made it my personal vendetta to hunt down because they decided invading a 1v1 (me vs. one of their members) was okay, because they were "Just keeping it fair, because Destroyers count as 3 people." #Salt They make it a habit of wandering the crimson sands.
  8. Thank you, it's actually a valid title, if clickbait. Not many people know about the clan failings as the only people able to see it are clan leaders (and to a degree advisors.)
  9. I've spent too much money, I'm in it for the long haul. I've given up on my dignity, I've become one with the buzzfeed.
  10. I aim to please, and take reds at a ratio of 50 kills to 1 death by GW2-tier zerg.
  11. No, was just hoping a buzzfeed title would bring about more people to clicking and raising awareness on the subject. It didn't. RIP.
  12. Careful you don't get brined, the salt is very real. o3o
  13. That's a WHOLE other kettle. I'm just hoping for basic clan functionality at the moment before going after that stuff.
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