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  1. Dealing with FM's as Destro

    i wish i knew how :). My only hope is that my ping wont jump up and i can spin right before there projectile hits me, somehow get close enough, and hope they blow there escapes as soon as possible . Which makes me probably kill like 1 in 7 fms or so :D . Which is realy bad :p.
  2. Why im gonna switch to BlackDesertOnline!

    AS a person who did play bdo on Russia. All i can say healing pots each 5 seconds will rule the equal gear fight, Who ever brought more, usualy wins, pvp there is a joke with that rule, gvg is .... Meh worst gvg i saw lately to be honest .. That providing your server wont have some hardcore farmers or gold buyers, who will get top gear and then simply stop you from farming most lucrative places by simply killing you with ease :).
  3. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    Blade dancer . Nuff said .
  4. what happened with destro

    how do you deal with force masters permenantly canceling your charge skills, grabing for meteors , and using maximum ice duration to get cooldowns down.
  5. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    *shrugs* after patch i didnt win a single fight vs assassin in gold as desto. one stun combo . faster run in stealth then my spin which means cannot take out from stealth. Repeat untill either win by health or points if manage to counter combo start. Seems simple. Everyone using one build/skill combo without any variation :). Those who *cricket* up usualy sit in silver and are killable. Those who learned that one strategy sit in gold and probably above and are unbetable more or less :)

    Cancers and force masters, rest is more or less managable with good pings/lucky timed f presses :). With fms i dont think i won a single fight in gold for 2 weeks, AS bms its about the same. Spin spin spin . Air combo . flock of swords . Guardian tempest. Spin spin spin . Air combo . repeat untill win unless they *cricket* up or i manage to hit them with 4 or land a stun somehow between spins. I have no clue whats so ever how to deal with that crap :). Frankly no chances beating fm's and little chance on beating cancers made me roll a summoner on who i can relax when i feel i am about smash keyboard into wall from running into them all the time.
  7. Software that reduces the PING, causing ban?

    Yeh it worries me as well . Without it my ping goes from 80 to 150 all the time. And there seems to be no safe vpn to use :/