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  1. New to PvP!

    1. CC is short for "Crowd Control", it refers to any status effects which inhibit enemy's abilities. This includes Stun, Daze, Knockdown, Unconscious, and others. 3. As far as I know, the answer is you're kind of out of luck there. You can try to bootleg it by just throwing RMBx2 and a LMB (non ani-cancel) and see if you can get away with it. 4. For arena 1v1 your equipment does not matter at all. Your stats and level is normalized to 45. 5. Make sure to spend 2 points in Gust (Tab). For some matchups it's better to spec it to Daze the opponent when you use it, for other spec it to break out of Grabs and Stuns. Be careful though as this has a 36s CD. 6. One thing that might help is make sure to put points into Hurricane (Tab) and go to far right tree and get the 0.5s parry. The first point will also give +60% Movement Speed. 2. This is the hardest part, there are very few guaranteed combos for the Destroyer. In general, try to get CC's and throw damage; when the Stun/Knockdown is about to expire, use another before it does. Most of Destroyer "combo" ing has to be done freeform and depends on what escapes the enemy uses. Just try chaining CC's and figure it out as you go. Hope this helps a little.
  2. Dealing with FM's as Destro

    I have limited matchup experience with them myself because I rarely see them but here's some notes from my experience with them: 1. If you get frozen to the ground, use SS (backdash) to break out of it. 2. Another use of SS is to turn around and use it as a gap closer with iframes. 3. Tab should prevent them from just throwing random things at you; if they're literally just lobbing everything they have at you all the time, you should be able to get easy deflects with Tab. Otherwise, the ice bolt actually is somewhat slow in the sense that at 10m or so you might have enough time to react with Tab. 4. If C is up, try to use that to iframe some CCs and use the followup as a gap closer. 5. You can try running Perseverance over Fury; it can be spec'ed to break out of Stuns and Dazes. It's a much less popular option, but I think it has its uses and is the preferred one for myself. 6. Be patient, they can freeze themselves off grab and also can put a "parry" which freezes themselves when they get hit. Don't blow all your CC/Focus right away trying to hit an ice block. Not sure if any of this helps but it's all I can think of offhand.
  3. what happened with destro

    To throw an alternate explanation out there: It could be a change in the player base too. I think a lot of people's ELO's were disproportionately high before the reset and so most active PvPers were gold+ easily. This seems like an odd explanation since ELO systems are supposed to be a zero-sum game, but in practice it is not since many inexperienced players will play a few games, lose, land below the starting 1300, and then never play PvP again. After the reset, probably only relatively active PvPers were fighting the way up again and so gold might still be, say top 20%, but now it's 20% of active PvPers not all players who have tried a little PvP.
  4. Is animation cancelling necessary?

    You could try mashing out RMB until you are out of or nearly out of focus and then LMB to get focus back. Since you aren't ani-cancelling the strikes your DPS will most certainly suffer, but one of the big reasons to alternate RMB/LMB in particular is to generate focus between RMB hits making it focus efficient. The LMB really doesn't do much damage so this suggestion might be a way to dish out okay DPS if you're unable to Ani-cancel, but I haven't tested it so I'm not sure.
  5. Destroyer (PoV) Vs Blade Dancer Commentary

    I appreciate the video and the commentary. The pauses and explanations I found rather insightful. It helps to see the thought process to understand what I should be thinking about in a match rather than getting advice that just says "do this when they do this". Keep up the good work!