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freezing self


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I don't have points in frost prison and I never cast that spell in arena because of the cast time.  It's when I freeze my opponent, then when i get near them to try to go behind them, I freeze as well (can't move or cast).  


Could it be Ice Coil?  I have no points in that either though.


I only have points in frost armor/defrost (but I know it's not TAB that is causing this), glacial beam, frost fury (tier 3 stage 2)


I think imma have to put points into 1 skill at a time and figure this out, it's really killing me when I want to go behind them while they are froze and I end up being froze myself.



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Honestly not sure why you are freezing yourself. The only skill I know of for FM that does that is TAB. unless your fighting a specific group of mobs that has that ability (some of them do). 


and if your above level 36, and you hit tab when you are in frost mode, you will freeze. even with no points in it.


if you find something else out, I'd be interested in hearing it! we've got a mystery to solve gang! Roobydoo!

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