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  1. Bots actually good (not skill-wise)?

    It's an unfortunate truth that being honest tantamounts to being a villain. I prefer to fight both Ai and people, but the keyword is "fight", in other words, have a proper match. And where did I blame other players for my ping? I blame my government for that one if I had to blame anyone. I also never said bots give "free" soulstones or easy gold. Hell, outside of referring to PvP rank, I didn't mention gold as the in-game currency. I just simply said that they "make acquiring Soulstones somewhat easier". On a final note, I never said bots were a good thing which I still believe is subjective. I just said, it's a convenient situation and by all means, if they were removed, I would not complain either. I'm just simply stating the situation as-is from my point of view. That I can agree with. As I said, I am a bad player and before bots flooded Arena, was sitting on low Silver. I use to roll my eyes fighting other Silvers (yes I know that's all I would fight once I hit that rank). And when I went up against a Gold, I knew I was going to lose with no competition. Now, I'm sitting mid-Gold and can even beat other Golds (assumably around my MMR that aren't bots). It's true Arena was not built around Gold being the player norm and it could throw a spanner in the works for future updates and official competitions/tournaments.
  2. Bots actually good (not skill-wise)?

    I'm just being honest. Like my work paying me for 4 hours despite the fact I only work for 30 minutes. Even if it's "wrong" (subjective based on your country's or region's law) I really can't complain about it. I'm not saying bots shouldn't be removed, I'm just saying for the time being, they are convenient.
  3. More Soulstones in PvE

    Add Soulstones into endgame Heroic Dungeons. Discuss?
  4. Since bots have flooded Silver and Gold in the arena, it's been increasingly easier for average - not so very skilled players (like myself) to hit Gold and stay comfortably in mid Gold. Good part about this is that this does make acquiring Soulstones somewhat easier. At the least we can get a guaranteed 30 Soulstones which is more than what PvE gives you in a day. On top of me not being a good player, playing with 380 ping makes it impossible for me to get my skills of in a timely fashion. So PvP is out of the question for me on a regular basis. So in that regard, I welcome the bots, can't lie. If it makes getting Soulstones easier, I really have no room to complain. I'm sure other players have their gripes, but again, due to how much Soulstones are needed in PvE content, yet PvE lacking the rewards to give you that, the bots to me are very convenient. Not only for the fact I can hit Gold now, but also because they helped drive the prices down on market. And PvP or PvE/PvP players can now hit Plat thus giving them more Soulstones and Zen Beans, so I guess there is a benefit for them? Although I do understand those who are adamant about PvP and why they may not like bots. Boring, repetitive, makes our PvP look like trash, etc...
  5. BSH 6-man party - Players immediately leaving?

    Honestly, you can't blame people if they don't want to run with you. Be glad they left then and not left when it counts. It's up to them how they use their time and saying that they are wrong for leaving would be pretty hypocritical and selfish. Note that I am not directing this at anyone, just a general statement. Me personally, I only leave IF the dungeon has already started and I can't complete my daily. Other than that, I'll run with anyone and only leave "if" it is hopeless (usually when everyone else leaves). As some others have said, it's a fun challenge.
  6. Force Master pve in general

    Even in the current build, fire from what I've experienced is better for DPS overall. Problem with ice is that you can't maintain cold snap for the entire duration of a fight which is where ice gets it's damage from. While fire burn can be kept up indefinitely throughout the whole fight giving you those nice damage bonuses. Not to mention Blazing Beam being great filler damage or just using Fire Fury to reduce the CD of Meteor. Regardless of ice or fire build, I've rarely had a problem with focus. Just spec C so it regenerates focus or use Frost Fury to regain it. Only time I lose focus is when I lag and my crits don't proc Frost Fury. Not to mention your weapon being very generous in the amount of focus you regain. And if things get hairy, use Frost Sheathe or Frost Armor to regain focus. Ice is great for mobs you actually struggle on due to the CC, and it's damage is still good. But fire can do the job just as well if you can use your evades and defenses effectively and efficiently. As for healing, Divine Veil Stage1Tier4 + Frost Armor will easily get you from low HP back to 100 if mobs keep on attacking you. Not to mention using that Divine Veil will also turn Frost Sheathe into a heal. FMs have one of the best heals in the game for when things get hairy. It protects you against EVERYTHING while healing you as well.
  7. Hey, I'm interested in joining. IGN is Lorain.
  8. Let's all stop pretending

    As an FM, Blazing Beam cheap damage becomes even more insane when you get the burn debuff on.
  9. Abusing arena invisible wall is real

    Unsurprisingly, wall fighting is actually a core mechanic of most fighting games. I've never had a problem with it but I'm still conscious to use the wall to my advantage or to avoid it if I'm being pressured. And imagine how annoying Assassins and Summoner's would be if the arena was limitless? Or even just bigger for that matter.
  10. Solo Bloodshade Harbor 4-man

    You know what you could do? Sell carries. Being part troll-ish, yet part legit with that comment.
  11. Terrible System for BnS

    Would anyone complain if they added in/increased the amount of Soulstones from endgame raids? And would anyone complain if they expanded the PvP shop to include more items?
  12. Terrible System for BnS

    But why make both suffer if we can fix the problem for both? Just simply increase the EXP gained in PvP relative to lvl. One of my mates actually lvled from 32 to 43 on PvP alone because he thought it was easier. You do get good EXP from PvP for lvling. But yeah, HM lvls on the other hand are definitely lvled better in PvE. Along with my previous suggestion in just simply boosting the EXP gain, they could also have EXP tokens you could buy using Zen Beans to boost your EXP. Either way, I prefer not to think, "oh woe to them unto us". I believe both PvE and PvP players could get the rightful benefits to their particular side of the game.
  13. As an FM, let me say this: treat any ice looking attack as an attack that applies chill. Usually the chill only last 6 seconds, but if we spec our RMB, it can last 10 seconds. Most of the chill abilities are ranged projectiles which can be blocked. The ones that can't do NOT apply chill. But to be more specific, there are 2 ice abilities that apply chill and will be difficult to block/avoid. 1) is Ice Coil which is an on-target AoE that will apply a chill if hit. Cannot be blocked or parried, 30 second CD. The other is Frost Fury which only procs on a critical ice attack. The attack can be blocked, but the chill will still penetrate. No CD. As a side Assassin/BD PvPer, only advice I can give is go in hard and fast, and do not allow them to build up stacks. Fine if you get chilled now and then, or frozen. But if they build up their fire stacks and burn you, they will drop you in a matter of seconds. So aim for long combos that can last for 5 seconds+ to let their stacks wear off.
  14. Terrible System for BnS

    I completely agree that it doesn't make sense to have PvE rewards in PvP. In other MMOs, the rewards are either the same, or similar worth. And when they are different, PvP at least has an unequalized factor for certain game modes. BnS PvP is not unequalized so PvP players have no need for Soulstones. Usually PvP players are rewarded with cosmetics to show off their prestige. Although, I have no problem with them rewarding PvP players with Soulstones or PvE specific content. BUT, the rewards should NOT outclass that which can be earned by actual PvE. So my suggestion for this balance is to simply give a decent amount of Soulstones for completing 6 or 4 man endgame purple dungeons. "Apparently" the reason why soulstones are toned down in PvE is due to bots. But what bots would be able to complete any end game raid?
  15. Any balance patches upcoming for PvP?

    Actually, my point was never revolving around what classes are on top or not. In DN, I can play any class and competitively fight any class. Even if there is a certain class I lose to 80%+ of the time, I still feel like I fought them and they just happened to be really good. While BnS, it's hard to accurately measure your skill against someone else. An example would be the ratings. So I get absolutely curbstomped 100-0 by someone who's probably only 10 rating above me. And then a few matches later I get curbstomped again by them and they are still only roughly the same rating. If they are really such a good player, why are we still around the same rating? Most likely, while he's curbstomping my class, there's another class that is curbstomping him and he's probably just as frustrated as I am. So is that person better than me? Or is it simply the class he chose that happens to be mine's Achille's heel. And god knows how long that chain goes for.