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  1. My Premium Membership level was reset

    After relogging a few times, it finally went back. Thank you!
  2. My Premium Membership level was reset

    I've already tried that and it still remains
  3. I bought the latest swimsuit that was released, and I noticed my membership was reset from level 10 to level 1 with 10,000,000 points needed to just to get to level 2! SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL!! I want my level 10 membership back along with all the experience & gold I've missed out on. This is ridiculous. If anyone else has experienced this, please share.
  4. Character beauty contest for fun

    Thank you!
  5. Character beauty contest for fun

    It's my clan outfit. It's the first official one that my clan has set up after we get our members geared. @Latias
  6. so....we're all potatoes?

    I was expecting something wack for April 1st
  7. @RPC Thank you! I am in charge of the clan recruitment, and for me personally I love collecting outfits in game so creating one was really fun. I want it in there and asked to Lead if it was okay. We are planning to help everyone get their new weapon up to the new content, and then keep on leveling the guild to rank 10. Some things are needed for the Clan Outfit that the lead wants that only a rank 10 Clan can get.
  8. Sin hate?

    Ive tanked alot of bosses as sin with really low ap compared to other people who had 400ap + before the new patch came recently. There is going to be a group for every class that hates it. It just takes to far when they wont even invite you or kick you because of your class and not gear.
  9. Leveling as an Assassin

    Mobs are so spread out during higher levels sometimes grouping up mobs is really hard. Sins had high single target damage that mobs die really fast. Plus perma stealth past mobs in dungeons is SO NICE!
  10. Sin Buff

    I was flipping my lid when I saw we got Fighting Spirit. The only thing is if there is a KFM in the group with the enhanced Fighting Spirit I will talent out to the Lotus that brings me dead party members. It has saved several wipes before. Normally I'll end up not watching the debuff for fighting spirit and hit it to soon (ends up being useless due to my mistakes.) It's MEGA improvements though.
  11. Why mess with my class?

    I rarely run out of chi. If I am in stealth I use Lighting Rod Tier 3 Stage 3 for Chi recovery with Lighting Pierce which decreases the CD. If I am out of stealth I use the animation cancel with 5 stacks of poison + Mist Slash Tier 3 Stage 2 + Heartstab. The proc is so broken for chi recovery on your weapon that even it I do a mistake I'll still get a ton of chi back.
  12. Pve skill build

    All I got for you is the Recommended Shadow. I do a hell of alot of damage in perma stealth build and I can handle most of the bosses when I do get aggro. Perma stealth thought isnt a bad thing even if the boss can see you. If you have a good tank or a cat tank you wont have to worry about boss attacking you.
  13. That is something you will have to deal with. I have seen pro sins who can get their enemy out of the corner. I would go ask the top sins how to do this. I know some who live stream or have Youtube Channels. I'm not the best of the best, but I stun, ss, turning leaf, do my combo = win.