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  1. Oh... I think I'm too old for PvP :( don't have the reaction time as I used to. Even a year ago, I was getting rekt by the destroyer bots in the arena
  2. Ahh... well I was playing lightning sin, stay in stealth as much as possible. But then I got tired of soloing bosses that I can't cheese thru stealth and spending whole time chasing bosses in F8 parties... Took the easy way out and started playing my FM instead, had about the same gear as my sin, though now upgraded better than my sin.
  3. I just came back to BnS for about a week. Haven't met bots in the arena yet though I'm only in the bronze-silver range. I only been doing my dailies there, so it's not like I'm spamming it. I still see fishy stuff going on soulstone plains with alot of Chinese clan tag summoners but meh... I don't think its automated but rather just all the characters copying the input of 1 character. Never had a problem with ping/disconnects so can't help you there. EDIT: oh, and I haven't seen any RMT spam in chat or friend invites since I came back (though I had
  4. Elemental earring? Is that the Peach/Fruit farming thing? I just started the peach farming. As for SS, fusing with Primer only thing is new for me, are the green/blue crafted silverfrost primers good enough for fusing? I see the Masterwork primers need Masterwork Primer Design, dunno how to get that, and the legendaries need the emblem from MSP which I haven't been in. I have multiple characters with crafts, all crafts are at least level 4
  5. Thx for replies, I decided to just continue playing my old characters for the time being, just here to enjoy the storyline/new dungeons mostly. Don't have the time to do heavy farming anymore For gearing, where do I go from here? Some people said to get Asura soulshields, and should I keep upgrading my accessories? Some people suggested to just use Pinnacle stuff. And man... this new skill tree stuff, feels very different from before.
  6. Well there's finally some faction chat, but.... it's not in English >_> which server is English speaking
  7. Hello, I am a returning player, I stopped playing for about a year ago and coming back with the main focus of playing through the new storyline. I played on Yehara, but logging on the past 2 nights, it seems that it is quite deserted with barely anyone around any of the towns I have access to. Faction chat is pretty silent - which is good that they got rid of the RMT spammers but I remember it used to be alot of chit chats there. Only place I found players was at Soulstone Plains and it is mostly just CN clan tags and summoners with random jibberish names.
  8. Worldwide digital games market data for April 2016 https://www.superdataresearch.com/blog/us-digital-games-market/ NCSoft got 2 ranked in the top P2P MMO based on revenue BnS is listed under P2P MMO because of the 'optional' premium accounts - same with TERA and SWTOR. Despite all the bashing on the forums and new site articles, with streamers/youtubers leaving, people are still shelling out a lot of money I really don't understand the people that feel the need to bash a game when they quit (or some are still playing and paying but bash anyways)... I
  9. Huge supply of gold from all the bots, so prices be low. SSP bots for soulstones, cross server afk bots to get other people's bid money, bots that have premium that just go around kill stuff 24/7 for gold drops, bots that are actually doing dailies for reward money and soulstones (see Misty Woods and Shiverstone areas), and much more.
  10. i been getting it on all my new characters, usually under 50 tries - and by 50 tries I mean just entering and exiting Hajoon's training room when you still have that quest.
  11. You still see to RMT spams in chat, non-stop friend requests. SSP speedhacking bots - SMNs and KFMs right now? at least on Yehara. and you will see some leveling ones here and there. Edit: havent pvp'd in awhile, but last I went, 3v3 were still filled with afk bots
  12. Kilryan quit for them Elins - Elins master race. I think I'm going to pick up TERA again also just to try out Brawler/Gunner/Ninja - those classes weren't available when I quit TERA
  13. People been praising Windows 10, but unfortunately a lot of games are not optimized for it... Alot of my JP games runs better on Win7 which is what my desktop is still on. Some games that used to run on my laptop on Win7 stopped working in Win10, so I'm still holding off on upgrading to Win10 on my desktop. But as an online game that is constantly being updated, it should be optimized for all systems - I know it's hard for PC since everyone have different specs.
  14. Here on Yehara, Crimsons are farming SSP and Ceruleans are ganking people in Misty Woods and the beach - it is actually safer for the weaker faction. You got Ceruleans with like 60k+ HP and 550+ AP killing Crimsons that may not even be 50 and mostly around 300-400 AP. You can also get the Misty Woods weapon with zen beans, go lose in PvP arena for a few days for the participate in 3 1v1 and 3v3 quests then find a channel with the faction exchange NPC up - done. But you gotta farm for the necklace though...
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