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E. Fleet Supply Guide


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Its fairly simple for the quests. You have kind of 3 different categories of quests:


Normal mobs like Blackram pirates and fish dudes

Named mobs like foreman or Blackram captains (usually have multiple choices for the kill)

Bosses, these are the same bosses in 6/4man, including Pohwaran.


There are also optional bosses that don't have quests. Most people don't bother with these except a couple rare spawns like Gubong.


The bosses spawn at regular intervals and Pohwaran will spawn once 9 bosses have been killed (doesn't matter which 9).

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I think Gubong has chance to spawn after killing Slashimi, Tae Jangum or Mak Sobo.


One of three (not sure about that number) bosses that drops weapon skins spawns after Poharan kill on the platform where you get by red dragon pulse from Poharan's spawn.

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