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  1. I can't really see there would be 2 sets of rules one for tournament and one for 'casual' gaming, it will be one rule for all, but in tournaments obviously your gameplay will be under scrutiny and watched by many experienced players who will very easily detect anything that is not 'normal' gameplay and again like NC have stated multiple time's "you use at your own risk"
  2. It is still all very 'grey' sometimes I dont think even the Dev's know what they are talking about, but anyway you will not get any definitive complete answer from them at all except for you 'do at your own risk' which leaves it wide open for them to decide themselves if your cheating or not and act accordingly without having to explain there actions
  3. yes I understand what you are saying and I am pretty sure it was a mistake on his part there as obviously you would be 'automating' one button to press a skill twice, so GG Dev
  4. I would take S+S as meaning you press it twice, how it was meant to be used, Although (into another grey area here LOL) you can set key/mouse press to repeat in windows settings and alter delays or press repeat speeds too.
  5. yes but he obviously meant reassigning the key is fine, S+S to mouse button 4, BUT you would need to press it twice I know alot of players on asian versions use programs like https://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/xmousebuttoncontrol.htm to just assign mouse button 4 and 5 to keyboard binds which as above is fine, anything else beyond simple reassigning binds is into the gray area
  6. Like I said before, NC's stance on it is, if you do ANYTHING to alter the default settings of ONE key press to activate ONE skill it is a cheat and bannable
  7. No, windows does that all the time, it is part of windows itself to understand when you press a mouse or key what process it needs to do it does not show in any lists of processes because it is part of windows itself, just like it is doing now while you are typing
  8. you actually dont even need to do that you can reassign your mouse/keyboard keys and make them do scripted commands just using default windows and word pad its no big thing, fact is though you are cheating on how the game is supposed to be played
  9. No , i cant find the post they made, but they clearly stated ONE button press activates ONE skill only whether held down or not anything else is automated gameplay Like I said above: In short anything you do which 'could' give you a advantage over someone playing with default settings is a cheat and bannable
  10. well, yes, but , you got to remember you are using their service and they offer it for you to use free, they have no obligations at all and you do not own or have any rights to use their service, it is 100% at their discretion. As you say it is cleaver wording that does not really mean anything direct except for the fact they can just end the service as and when they wish without notice
  11. Well bassically this game is 'supposed' to be entirely Skill based and was designed to be played as it is by default settings, re-assigning key bindings to another key is designed to be allowed any thing else from there on is completely a very 'grey area' and like they have clearly stated you do so at your own risk In short anything you do which 'could' give you a advantage over someone playing with default settings is a cheat and bannable. I dont think you will ever get a official complete statement from NC concerning this has at the moment it works very well for the
  12. macro's and scripts to link Skills is bannable, any 'automated' gameplay is bannable, Basic rule is one physical button press activates one skill , so using any method were one button press activates more than one skill or activates a combo etc is bannable
  13. So many issues in this game its hard to know which one you have got, but when this has happened to me in the past, stuck launcher, the fix that always works for me is Exit Launcher completely > open Task manager > go to Processes tab > find any process with NC in the name and End the process > you should now have nothing running from NC > Exit Task Manager > right click Blade and Soul Launch Icon on screen > Properties > Compatibility tab > click Run as Administrator > Apply > Exit > re launch game
  14. there was a post a while ago from a dev stating they were partnered with Amazon and this method to obtain Ncoin was at the moment probably the best way, many many places sell the official Ncoin key codes and they have been around for years for other NC titles, its nothing new.
  15. give it time there seems to be a delay on coin purchases form the NC , if you try again you could be charged twice. My advise and even advise devs have been giving on the forums is to buy Ncoin from Amazon, or as I do from OffGamers,or theres more G2A, G2play, its safe and fast you get a redeem code to redeem on your NCsoft account page. https://www.offgamers.com/game-card/game-point/ncsoft-ncoins http://www.amazon.com/NCsoft-NCoin-1600-Online-Game/dp/B01ACNVSZ0
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