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  1. My True Breeze weapon when I had just upgraded it It took 21 gem hammers (2.3g each on market) and ~6 gold to unlock all the slots. I previously had all slots unlocked on my True Pirate weapon. Its a random roll, you could end up with one socket or you could not lose any
  2. what they are doing is a very grey area, BUT the fact that they did not and still have not officially explained when this change came into the game and how it works pretty much means they are in the wrong as no notice was given and still as not. the system is fine, it is in other versions but no notice, warning or info was given to the paying customers prior to the introduction that is were the big issue is. In all honesty I dont expect there to be any change to the current situation, they dont really care which is quite clear now. Another thing about this version is there is no way of emergency contact or telephone, nothing all you have is e-mail and if you send them too many or they dont want to answer your they will ban the e-mail. while in Korea, there are multiple phone lines for different problems, there is live chat support, E-mail, they even have postal addresses listed. the differences between our version and the Original version goes alot more than just the game.
  3. Hoongmoon Energy Soul

    search the market place for 'Oathbreaker Sword' there are 3 pieces that when combined, create the Hongmoon energy rank 1, with 15 attack power, also if you mouse over them in the Market place it will show were they drop from.
  4. Question about Familiar stats

    The Cat stats as with the Summoner are scaled off your level to enemies of the same level, so as you level up, so does the mobs level, which is why it looks like your attack power drops, it does not it just scales. as when you level up the enemies of the same level will be a lot stronger and have more defense etc. Your Cats HP is based off the summoners attack power, the more attack you have the higher the Cats HP, The Cats attack power is just scaled of your level and gear House Cat skill will near enough double your cats HP, but reduce its crit and offence power, this is what most people use, while Alley Cat skill lowers you Cats HP but increases its crit chance,power etc to scale along with the summoner,but it does not really make that much of a difference, House Cat is far better as your Summoner does the majority of the damage anyway and in most cases you will find you don't have to worry about healing your cat there survivability is vastly increased in House cat.
  5. cant log in or change pasw

    this happened to my wife this morning for no reason, we was both playing fine last night and I can still log in my account. checking around the forums and reddit there seems to be an unusual number of players having the same issues, surely this can not be pure coincidence, makes me very suspicious of actually how safe NC's security is.
  6. upgrade path explaination please?

    this google sheet may help: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U0cqRIxNefzkd30VmVI-zFhe3fpBHgq7aIy3vHO6ZTQ/htmlview#
  7. 'X' and 3-2-1 above party member's head

    party markers, check in your game settings > key bindings > Emblems it shows you the bindings
  8. Crash Crash and Crash

    Funny thing with me, couple of hours ago I did the Harvest Garden event, were everybody seems to have issues and I had no problems, killed the bosses completed the dailys no issues, walked out of the town all alone and headed towards BeastBog and game shut down ! so i've no idea and i've given up for tonight on this version, i don't mind issues sometimes if I know what they are, but random crashing for no reason at all is really annoying and makes game very unpredictable
  9. Crash Crash and Crash

    Problem is like posted above game just crash's closes everything NC related and PC goes back to windows desktop with no error messages , nothing,, would be nice for once to get some error messages to at least have something to look into.
  10. Crash Crash and Crash

    Its not NVIDIA because I use ATI and never had any issues in any part of the game up until last Patch, now game just stops responding, not my PC but the game, its random, anywhere for no reason, alone in open world or in a dungeon and I'm sure its not my ISP because I can play the same game on CN or TW servers and have no issues at all anytime. I contacted my ISP for tech advise and they said it is server routing issues, not from me but the return routing.
  11. Doing any form of charge back for a monetary purchase against any gaming company will result in account termination, that is and always has been pretty standard policy, By doing a charge back, you yourself are flagged as a 'Hight risk' to the company whether your fault or not. The point I was making is the fault here is due to having the Credit card details stored and linked to the games account, so IF either one of them is in anyway compromised there 'could' be an issue. What I posted was to show there is no need at all to do this, you can buy anything you want from the company and never have your payment options put in any compromising position.
  12. The point was he had is Credit Card details held on his NC account, and there is no reason at all to do that, you don't need to give your credit card details to any decent online game company or publisher ever and as many others have mentioned doing this is probably the worst thing you could ever do. You do also realise even though his account is locked, banned whatever, they STILL have his CC details and he now can not remove them.
  13. If you want Ncoin there are plenty other places to get it that are 100% safer than NC themselves and they all take PayPal and its instant, you receive a code to redeem on your NC account page. Amazon, OffGammers, G2A and many more http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=ncoin&tag=googhydr-21&index=aps&hvadid=81893127064&hvpos=1t2&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10029945233094993596&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_derk68gdp_b https://www.offgamers.com/game-card/game-point/ncsoft-ncoins personally as mentioned above, hackers, bots, gold sellers dont have any problems by passing NC's security, so do you really think it is safe to give them your CC details ?
  14. Bloodshade Harbor doesnt drop Pirate Accessory

    thier 'fix' was to put Pirate Emblems into the cash shop, do you really think they will change anything in game now ? this way they make more money "working as intended"