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Hello Admin/GM. Need some food Craftings


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this is requirement i am asking, i recommend Food Crafting for HP,


the Foods Cost some Copper, and i am always low on Money, Ends With Copper i never had money, Reached Silver,

and at this rate i cant buy any food, and no Mobs or bosses drops them,

so crafting will be nice, and why some mobs never drop anything, some foods will be nice,


And This Game Website Lacks Contents, Why Crafting, and about dungeons Details are not Mentioned in The Web Page,

Example Like This, A Guide

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i dont really understand what food crafting for hp means...

is that crafting potions...? or some kind like dumplings...?

which is both of that already on the game... *see silver cauldron for potions and Acquired Taste for dumplings

and yes, some mobs do drops those too...


but well, even crafting, they still cost you some copper... ~~

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