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  1. Hi Guys, Recently went to KR server and saw hell lot Contents lets say they got 7 (24) man Raid Dungeons, and EU got only one 24man, well Khanda vihar got 2 24man, we got partially released, and Recently i saw lot of ppl saying going to taiwan server, china server, and i went to JP server, since Korean server is not playable for me with 500-900ms in game, and JP server got Contents Till Heavenly Basin, Naryu sanctum, and Automoton in Heavenly Bastion, Main Quest till, Saving Little Jinsoyun but she just sleeps, that was the end of Quest, so What about CN
  2. all the whales got them by grinding, most ppl quit on grinding msp, cause of RNG is shit, if u want good RNG u have to be Premium member, did msp runs 1-4, and all i got was 5 leafs that is it, i quit farming it, those boxes never drop Legendary ss, wait for them to increase RNG Drop rate, most NA ppl went to KR server, EU ppl went to tw server, and server is Empty, we need One more Merge SERVER MERGE PLEASE
  3. Some one Need Million Dollar Car for This New Year so They Decided to Release New Costume with Items, Simple Logic,
  4. Try Use Pingzapper, if this is some route problem, if country ip banned, try vpn to log in, i dont think support will give u solutions, (Speaking from Experiance)
  5. Nvida Overlay or AMD Overlay that display FPS Controll thingy
  6. They didnt add that means, it will take like year for that upadate, if i am right after Seraph was released like stage 3, 6, 9 , Upcoming 12, Then They will release Rave stage 3 , 6, 9, and then Dragon Weapons, Either way will be Long Grind
  7. Gwon city = New Soul Orbs, people putting lot money to upgrade the soul now, but if they release Gwon with new Souls People will Rage AF Nope those will get released cause right now Dragon god is most AP Weapon, Seraph Goes to Raven and Raven goes to Dragon God, in the End Dragon Weapons are Must
  8. Merchant ? oho He Died A Long time ago Dont Expect him to come back
  9. Change Class is Kind of Bad Since we Have Race Lock, so it will be like , Race Change, Look Change, in other words tottal Change, You better lvl one char to max and ask for Accosory transfer but this option only for Premium Members Not for Freebies
  10. LOL just Remove The Alteration And Your Legendary Weapon will be in Original Look, idk about using other with this one
  11. Yes u will Get Like 550+ AP when u finish all the quests and weapon will be given when u finish some quest, u dont need to follow hongmoon path from the beginning, and u will get lot of Moonwater Keys, and silverfrost keys, for Weapons, upgrade path are easy at begining, and u will be like 600+ when u finsih quests, Reason why they did? cause Dungeons are lot Harder and people are all in 450+ and grinding SSP for Upgrade so They Give lot AP so u dont have to suffer low lvl Grind, + Naryu Labrynth Drops Dragon Weapon that weapon is Max Weapon there now, cause Seraph/Baef
  12. Both BNS, just Eu Version Low FPS, JP Version Good Stable FPS, My PC is not that much High End, but I can Play Black Desert Online fine with 20FPS, Tera No Problem with 30-50FPS , so far no problem with the games i play,
  13. I am not Talking about High Ping I am Talking About Pocket Loss And This hmmm i have not lvl'd i will check and post how many channel in Misty woods and SSP,
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