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  1. Hello Admin/GM. Need some food Craftings

    You can craft dumplings for about 4 copper each. You need to join the Food Trapper and Acquired Taste guilds first.
  2. Drop Rate of Blight Lynblade

    I've run the dungeon a few times with no luck as well. The only way to guarantee that you get the blade is to use a brilliant key which can either be bought in the cash shop or obtained from boxes randomly. So you just have to keep running the dungeon and hope for better luck or shell out some money.
  3. The fact that resources are able to be owned is pretty ludicrous. I'd request either removing that altogether, making more resources available, or decreasing the "owned" time tremendously. I also second the PvP toggle for outfits. There's no reason for people to be continuously slaughtered as they are now. My new requests/ideas: 1. A follow command - pretty self explanatory 2. Friend or party teleport - It should be a free feature with a cooldown, but I wouldn't complain if it came with a small (3-5 copper) fee. 3. Allow for at least 6 guild memberships. In reality, we should be able to join them all but I don't want to seem greedy
  4. 1. I feel that, at the very least, all the non-cash shop clothing should be salvageable 2. More resource gathering in-game (ores, plants, etc) 3. Clothing that is more than just cosmetic (adds some sort of stats) 4. More enemy drops ( can be integrated in crafting system) I'm only at level 15 and am still quite new to the game so I'm not aware if any of those things change at higher levels. There should definitely be a forum section specifically for feedback, but I like that NCSoft took the initiative to work surveys into the game. Hopefully people actually used them effectively.