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I thought it is fixed, but it is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have experienced crashing like you did, and i am not Razer user. I send a ticket to tech support, and he answer me following. It works!!!!


For Windows 10, this is now a two step process.

First, open the Windows 10 menu and type in ""MSCONFIG."" This will start a search for any ""Apps"" called ""MSCONFIG.""

The first and only result should be ""System Configuration."" Left click on this.

A new window will appear called ""System Configuration.""

Click the ""Services"" tab.

Click ""Hide all Microsoft Services"" at the bottom and once done, click ""Disable All.""

Click the ""Startup"" tab.

Click ""Open Task Manager.""

A list will be generated of all the applications you have set to start when Windows first boots up. Right-click on these applications one by one and select ""Disable."" Once completed, click ""Ok"" to save your changes. You will then be prompted to reboot your PC. Once you return to Windows, try connecting again.

To reverse these settings, simply run MSCONFIG again and click Normal Startup on the first window labeled General.



New update: After four hours, it crash again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What should I do now !!!!!!

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1 minute ago, Chesnya said:

This is only a temporary fix. This is a copy and paste from a support ticket, I did this; it did work for a few hours then it started spazzing again. 

I have not had this issue at all. I'll test it out for a longer period tomorrow. I hope this true though, that would be just silly. The techs wanted me to uninstall Razer software even though one of the steps was to disable all start up files.  That should have let GameGuard bypass the software. *shrugs* Well. I hope it works out. Im just happy i can get passed the launch and log in.

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Of course it crashes again. What does disable everything we have have to do with the coding of the game?

Its just going to help your computer focus more on the game, and restarting should always make your computer better to run something.

That is not how a game is supposed to work. The support team has sent already somewhere around 10 different fixes for the same mistakes, all of them temporary, like restarting our dns cache or disabling everything we have on our computer (This one was the best so far).

In other worlds, they still don't have a fix, and there is no way for US to fix it. Its about the game itself. Its in the files of the game. In the programming. How are WE supposed to do something here to fix it?


We just have to be patient and let them work it out. And of course, if you have time, send them the tickets. It may help them figure this out.

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