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  1. also Grandmaster-Enhance Party-Soulburn. the same problem
  2. The mailing fee of Taikhan's skin, Stone of wisdom, Flower of lament is 5g each, it is too expensive!!!!! for example, the price of sealed stone of wisdom on F5 is 15g each, My main farm dungeons and a stone of wisdom drops, and i bid for 10g. then i try to mail it to my alts, so 10g + 5g mailing fee = 15g = the price of sealed stone of wisdom. It makes no sense!!!! Also, please make sacred oil and legendary gem hammer to account bound, i got many of them, and I have maxed my gears for my main, and now I cannot give them to my alts, That makes no sense too!!!!!!!
  3. I did and ask them undo it for me and return materials..... they have not respond yet?
  4. I just upgraded my baleful bangle stage 10 to dawnforged stage 1 by accident!!! what should I do now??? Dawnforged such useless!!!!
  5. FK U NC!!!! I paid $124, and you give me constant crashing? go to hell!!!
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