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Lowest settings and FPS limiter performance


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Which one gives better performance for low end users.  Increasing the FPS limit or descreasing the FPS limit. I set the graphics on low.

I also used optimized for combat option which I think disables shadows and post processsing as it turn their option settings to black.

What other options should I disable? What should i set FPS max too?


I notice this game has very high GPU usage and overheats my GPU.


I'm using AMD A10-4600k

GPU: 7660G.

8 GB Ram

I can play properly with a cooler no problem 24hr. I dunno why it overheats so fast. My idle temperatur is like 48-50 degree celsuis. When I open the game it goes straight up to 90 degrees.

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 The only thing you can do is put everything to the lowest and and set the fps limiter to the minimum, that is 40 fps. If your CPU/GPU system were rolling more than 40fps you will see an improvement and less overheating. If, instead, your fps were under 40, it does not change anything, as long as the limiter doesn't triggers. 


The game born with devs taking in mind high-specced gaming rigs. You can clearly see that in options, that have 40 fps as the lowest fps limiter, as if we all have monster machines rolling 1k fps and willing to go 40 to avoid overheating our insane GPU power.

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Honestly, I using a GTX 980ti and I still get massive frame drop. I highly advise using CTRL+F to hide character models (except your own) which reduces lag significantly, way better than lowering graphic settings. Keep in mind though, this only works if you're trying to reduce lag with other characters within your vicinity.

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