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    Meh , some people just want to see the world burn(or not).
  2. extremely low frame rate at populated areas

    doesn't matter if i stand in a city or in the open world , solo a dungeon or run with a party. I cannot hold 50 fps stable on 800x600 FX8350 5.25ghz R9 290x 1900mhz 8GB DDR3 OS Win 10 + installed on an SSHD. Been talking to the support no result yet. and aye , doesn't make a difference if i play on 800x600 or 1920x1080 game runs like apeshit either way.
  3. When can we expect an optimization overhaul?

    As much as i like the game and waited ages for it , i can't force myself any longer to play with low fps.. FX 8350 5.25 ghz r9 290x 1900mhz 8GB DDR3 I CAN'T HOLD 60 FPS on 800x600! Did a clean install of the system , drivers , installed the game on 3 different hard drives and in safe mode it just doesn't work. and im almost at the point of saying , nope fk this im done. i rather play a game i do not enjoy as much as b&s on Ultra with 60fps , than b&s with low end and optimized for combat on 800x600 with constant dips. Just no.
  4. Game Crashes Computer (Black Screen)

    i actually found an workaround for this. Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings > Change advanced power settings When you arrived here navigate to Processor Power management and set the Minimum and Maximum processor state to 99% Apply exit and that should do the trick. It does fix the mental heat but not the atrocious performance.
  5. End-game gear: the Merry Potter Recipe drama

    i don't mind grinding a dungeon countless of times if i get something for doing so , the recipe is well worth it and you drop necklaces and stuff from mobs. What i do mind is doing so with the worst performance i've ever had in an game , even DAY1 Fallout 4 performed better.
  6. Lowest settings and FPS limiter performance

    maxfps Fullscreen/idle is 120 fps. the game itself however runs poorly on certain systems. If you are affected by those copy pasta ur DXDIAG to the support , it might help.
  7. Game crashing my pc randomly

    try setting the power option from 5% min 100% max on default to 99% / 99% on min max , that should stop the crashing.
  8. increasing capacity on a server is ... meh the servers are rather large , that being said most people on the servers with those mental que times are higher level and won't delete their chars because they do not want to lose their skins i do admit im one of them. The easiest solution as stated so damn often is to give people servertransfer for free , that's no big deal it fixes the que and in the end everyone is happy. But NO , maintenance here , error there , 5k login ques with 1k premiums ye nice 10/10 IGN.
  9. Server down?

    here we go again...
  10. no fun , im considering to go back to SC2 myself.
  11. High-End PCs Capping at 40FPS

    Todays standards sure debateable i see ^^ As for the FX8350 Overclock , it is totally worth it if done correctly but you need either watercooling or a really good Fan. it also depends on the Chip the voltage and the PSU but in general i'd say ye go for it because it's basicly free performance. I also don't have an HDD or an SDD , i run SSHDS's in both systems but that shouldn't result in bad performance. It's just really sad to suffer from Lag and random fps drops in a game you've waited a really long time for.. That being said i didn't have those problems in the Russian or .SEA versions , i played those quite a bit and had everything on max. I highly suspect the NCLauncher to be malfunctioning with the Drivers in general , sure it runs on Windows 10 but i've seen ALOT of posts from people who have low performance on a speaking of the game being rather old "good enough" system. I contacted the support and talked with amd's and intel's support . NCsoft gave me an copy pasta tip from reddit. Intel just ignored me. But the amd still sends me tips on what i could do have the game possibly run better , unfortunately i already disabled all the services that suck performance out. If it's really addressed with poor coding and windows 10 combined causing instability in the game then it might take another year(let's hope not..) for an fix. Only time will tell.
  12. Summoner: The Truth

    Ignore the pet , chain cc and nuke them. Also using your mobility is a major factor. Keep abusing your iframes also helps alot , so does knowing your skills and the opponents. Just my point of view .
  13. High-End PCs Capping at 40FPS

    Did you just call dual GTX 980 "Mid Range"? Well anyway i agree with op there are certain systems that run the game good some do not. I run 2 systems . FX 8350 @ 5.25 ghz R9 290x @ 1900mhz 8G RAM DDR3 MSI 970 1920x1080 20-40 FPS On Ultra 800x600 low end 40-60 fps everything up2date. i7 7790k@4.7ghz 2x PNY GTX 980 OC. 16GB DDR3 MSI Z170A 1920x1080 30-60 FPS On Ultra 800x600 Low end Settings 55~60 Fps everything up2date Both Setups should run the game on Ultra with 100 fps +. yet they do not. I build those systems myself , disabled everything in order to make Windows 10 working with games and i do not have issues with any Game. Manhunt from 2001 Runs flawless , so does MDK or the Old Quake games. Fallout4/Witcher3/Dragon Age Inquisition/GtaV MaxDetails , doubled Shadow resolution 60fps stable. with ubersampling in the first 3 titles. The game has issues , only because you do not have them doesn't mean they don't exist for others.
  14. Yep Experiences...

    You left the memoryleaks and optimization issues out ~(°- °)~

    nclauncher error e01008 is the error im getting, For people who suffer from the same error heres the fix. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc Copy the file "hosts" to your desktop by right-clicking and selecting Copy. Next, right-click on your Desktop and select Paste. Once this file has been copied to your Desktop, right-click this file and open it with Notepad or Notepad ++ ( At the bottom of this file, type in the following information: Save the file by clicking File then Save. Once saved, copy the file back to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and replace the existing file This gets you into the launcher and lets you start the game , the problem with the servers being down is still there.