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  1. Recruitment is now CLOSED. Will reply on this topic when opens again.
  2. Just a swift note here: I got relocated some time to a weird place (no internet) because my job, that ended now but in the while I see activity were dropping to near zero. I'll have a roster update on April, 15 to check who still is active, so if you still want hang with the Clan every now and then, just reply here or on our forum. I'll remove from roster anyone didn't replied so far. Clan will be kept existing to give the due respect to all members that worked hard with donations and all. If anyone kicked today wants come back tomorrow, the doors will be open and you are welcom
  3. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, when there are times when one or the other faction are more present, things are balanced up. To me, the unbalance comes because the times I'm logged in are also the times always a given faction is more present, but I cannot tell what happens in the hours I will not play.
  4. 10 minutes ago, Enhance said: My faction is on the lower pop, but there are channels for that. It's never a problem to find a group to farm the insignia either. I see the other faction farming all the time as well. If all channels are taken (I haven't had that happen yet) try again an hour later. I fail to see an issue. "Try again one hour later" implies you have all day free to play. Not everyone is an unemployed kid. Then if the issue does not happens to you, it does not means it does not exists.
  5. Yep, agree, if being the underdog brings in some good quality of life improvements (higher drops??), balance will be quite stable, as long as that makes being in the majority less desiderable. But the root problem is, the server "thinks" that things are balanced right now, but they are not. Edit: maybe it can be done a map-wide "pvp buff" to the minority faction actually present in the map, as something like it has been done in Aion, that had almost same problem in sieges.
  6. Rest assured, our website use will be kept only recommended but not mandatory.
  7. My 2c.: Make faction choice server-wide. You don't play both factions in same server; You cannot switch faction anymore. You keep what you had choose. Stop all those joining one faction just to switch when the other unlocks. If you change mind, delete all your characters in that server and repeat. Or wait without choose any faction, until your one unlocks, if you like it so much; Make faction-locking more intelligent (or less dumb, whatever) and decide it based on real pvp activity, not numbers of players. All those ones that: hate PvP / never does it / never log in / all of
  8. Anyone can join, no level equirements.
  9. To all members that still hadn't got Clan invite, this evening at 2200 CET we have our first Clan meeting, Whisper Bly or any other Clan member to get an invite, in case you are online at that time! ;)
  10. Any member that joined Clan but not our site please remember to check the site anyway for our scheduled events. No login required, event calendar is free to view for all.
  11. What about create a new account and use that? If you have only 2 slots that means you are freeloader, so you didn't have to lose any premium item. Make another account... 4 slots, 2 + 2 !!!
  12. tl;dr version: Clan Name: RingOfEternity Clan Master: Bly Faction: Cerulean Order Clan Focus: There will be three dedicated groups: serious PvP, serious PvE, and casual fun for all. About the Clan: It focuses on build a little bunch of people that shares the fun together. No plans on being the best, the bigger or the first. No elitists. We focus on have fun. Our main activity time is between 2100 and 2400 CET. First Availability: Game release. Requirements: Basic English. No level or age reqs but people swearing at each phrase is not welcome. App
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