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  1. That was probably one of the dumbest things I have heard. If you don't want to put time and effort into a game and rather start off powered up right off the bat, MMORPGs aren't for you. I guarantee you that every mmorpg you will play, free-to-play or not, you will have to spend YOUR time to get gear and become better. Babies like you shouldn't even play these games because you complain how hard it is. Face the reality and "git gud" or else you're never going anywhere.
  2. NCSoft really should have made some items from the boxes untradeable. I'm really upset that they're screwing the soulstone prices right now.
  3. Possible to farm Blackwyrm essence?

    The Talus Army enemies within that faction area have a chance to drop them but it's extremely low.
  4. CC ruins PVP for me

    You only get locked if you're bad and if you don't know how other classes work. If it is honestly is that bothersome for you, then don't play PvP and go do PvE.
  5. GM Help Please. Expensive Bug.

    My bad. The word "successful" slipped right past my eyes. I'd do as Kutsuu said and make a support ticket about it. You'll get a quicker response.
  6. GM Help Please. Expensive Bug.

    You do realize that when you do transmutation, it can fail right? Your success rate during transmutation is not 100% so if it failed, you have to get the materials again and try once more.
  7. How about you send a support ticket instead of making a thread in general discussion then. It would probably help solve your problem quicker than making a thread about it.
  8. My god.. Can't you guys get it through your heads that these are QUALITY OF LIFE benefits that you pay for and that you don't need them. If you want them that bad, then spend the money for the 30-day premium. I and many others spent money on premium, so why are you trying to take away our benefits because you want them for free.
  9. Ques need to be #1 priority.

    I don't know what server you are on, but I suggest playing on a less populated server with your friend if you really want to play with them that bad... or tell them to get premium. Your friend should also be careful because there is also an AFK timer in-place now so if you're away too long, good luck if you're non-premium on a full server.
  10. Honestly, I using a GTX 980ti and I still get massive frame drop. I highly advise using CTRL+F to hide character models (except your own) which reduces lag significantly, way better than lowering graphic settings. Keep in mind though, this only works if you're trying to reduce lag with other characters within your vicinity.
  11. Remove the 7-Day Delete Timer

    I'm not sure if this timer is supposed to be some kind of wall to prevent hackers from deleting characters but I do think there should be some kind of verification that should let you immediately delete a character on the spot.
  12. Money, a real Problem while leveling...

    Depending on what professions you pick, you could either make a lot of money or very little money. I do most of my dailies every day and bank around 6-7 gold. Doing faction quests in Misty Woods and the water area near Hogshead give you soulstones (around 20 soulstones a day), which you can sell for about 31 silver each which gives you a total of another five or six gold. You could also farm profrane jiangshi essence's right now (5 silver each) because they sell for a decent amount due to many people trying to get their awakened profane weapons. You can also farm ogres in Misty Woods for keys that sell for around 5g each. Crafting pentagonal gems is another good source of income, depending all on the gem you get. So, you're wrong.... there are tons of ways to get money everyday. I bank around 20g a day (end up spending it all because I'm impatient). Just search stuff on the marketplace and check prices every now and then and see what sells and what doesn't.
  13. So, NCsoft, a question!

    Alright, you got me Tahlie... you triggered me with this troll post. Alright mods, it's time to delete this silly thread.
  14. Premium Member Queue

    Yeah, was level pretty fast then got a blackscreen at a cutscene. Had no choice but to force quit and now waiting in queue. Been 20 minutes and still no progress.
  15. Earning Money Easy?

    Potions and unsealing charms from merchants are pretty much useless until endgame. If you do dungeons enough and constantly looting enemies, you are getting tons of unsealing charms and potions along the way. I think I managed to save up about 80 or so potions and about 75 unsealing charms from looting and doing dungeons and quests. The game as of now doesn't really have any endgame content available to us but even at 45, if you loot, craft, do dungeons, and daily quests you will make money where it's not really a problem.