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How does Reversal actually work?


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I've spent the last 30 minutes practicing as a Blade Dancer trying to actually get Reversal to work with my Destroyer friend....    IT DOESN'T


I tried at, I can guarantee every single interval / second / chance that exists in our world and beyond. It doesn't work. out of every single time I've been grappled, I've never, not once, actually reversal'd out. 


Broken skill,    Plz fix

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I'm guessing that's the skill that says it gets you out of grapple? So far I found out that for FM, Destroyer and KFM, it works if you press the button around the same time (pretty small window) the person grappling you attacks you during the grapple (except some stuff like FM blazing wall). You can't use it on the grapple itself afaik. I'm guessing it works like that for all classes.

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Different classes have different finishers for grapple. Blade dancers can instantly use theirs and a lot do so that's why it works for you, @Ghobe. It's kind of just a feeling and pattern reading for FM and Destroyer, they've got the most unpredictable. Sometimes destroyers use one that resets the timer, so that's the moment. They have the freedom to use a finisher a couple seconds in, though. 


Against BD you'll see a blade with a black tail-like thing fly from their back, that's the moment you counter them. KFM's can use a finisher after 3 punches (if they use them on CD) so that's how you'll want to time that. The skill isn't broken, it's just difficult to use sometimes.

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It works like this



Works when destroyer uses number 4 air launch skill or Z slam

It doesn't work when destroyer uses that basic bashing during the grab.

So you basically let him bash you and look for 4 or Z animation, when he does something else than basic shit



Works when kfm uses anything else than lb basic punch.

They can fit 3x basic punch to grabble duration and then use any other grabble skill during last 0,5sec which all are counterable. If they are this predictable rotation save ur counter for whatever animation starts after 3 punch. Pummel animation is hardest to spot cuz its so close to basic punch. Say... 1x normal punch followed by pummel is very hard to spot



Every skill they use during grib except flamewall (somebody even use it?) is counterable.

Most of times they use push and it is when they leap their hand back a lil bit. This has fast animation and is hard to spot on small lyns in my opinion.



Works with soul stab, drain and push skills.

Doesn't work with basic number 4 zap, none of sword skills they can use after you are soul stabbed and lightning strike

There is one thing you absolutely want to counter and it is soul stab. Like it was mentioned before animation has black sword flying and stabbing you. Drain is also counterable but it has random and fast animation. BD uses soul mark either right away or wait 1-2sec before using it. Their number 4 zap is not counterable and falls to same category with destro and kfm basic attacks.

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Awesome. I don't suppose there's a video floating around to give me the animation to tie to each of these skills is there? Or am I just going to eventually have to roll each class to familiarize myself with it :x


Also can I use reversal before they do the skill at all(is there a small window to it?) or must it be done after they start the skill?

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