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  1. Favorite BGM?

    mines definitely the Lycandi Foothills.
  2. Cowards Punishment

    yet most classes have the abilities to completely nullify them while running away.
  3. Cowards Punishment

    nope, blade master.
  4. UnBalanced Classes

    yah the spin does a LOT of damage x.x
  5. Cowards Punishment

    should really be a thing in pvp, if people want to time the match out, fine let them do it. However doing such an underhanded tactic should net you some negatives in the round if you spend more time running away from the enemy than fighting them.
  6. Stop Complaining if you aren't at CAP

    even at 45 there are classes that are clearly superior compared to others, tbh i find 3v3's to be much more balanced than 1v1's currently.
  7. How does Reversal actually work?

    what happens is it only works the moment a grapple ability has been activated, so if you see the meter reset, press the button immediately and it'll break you out.
  8. i fail to see why anybody would need to buy gold at this point.
  9. that's completely idiotic.
  10. i don't understand this system i really don't. i beat the living heck out of the summoners cat decimating it, then the rest of the time im chasing after him as he's stalling, he has 1/4 hp i have nearly full yet he gets the win. Whats the reasoning behind allowing the cowardly to win rounds through points?
  11. Problem with Installer

    that's.... strange. try doing a fresh restart of your computer as well as getting a fresh version of the NCsoft launcher client.
  12. Problem with Installer

    try uninstalling and doing a clean install first. if that doesn't work check to see if your antivirus is conflicting with it.
  13. Hardest Class For YOU to fight

    for me i'd say the hardest fights are normally against force masters or assassins, haven't quite gotten down fighting them yet.

    2 hours til the slaughter begins seriously dat que time though :P