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  1. qutting main mmo over this one

    FF14 is indeed good game but but... there will be a moment when your full of same dailies. The reason why I am not playing it anymore is because I reached that point where I couldn't do those same dailies anymore. I've taken a break from that game twice for same reason. Ultimately you do those dailies to have a better gear for raiding which is the best aspect of the game. Despite the most ppl I actually enjoyed ff14 pvp, expecially that node war map, but the bad thing was that queu times were hilarious. You could get in 15min during prime time depending your faction but outside the evening queue times were somewhere around 1h. And to forum trolls crying over hacking in B&S. FF14 had just as much hacking and it was literally bot heaven. Permanent-sprint, permanent swiftcast, teleports, speed hack, flying and so on. Blade and Soul have some of these same flaws but in my experience you can play this game more casually which suits better to ppl who cannot schedule those raid evenings. This is one major reason why I'm playing bns right now.

    Open world pvp is just same pathetic bullshit as it's in every other game. Dragonslayers acting fvking tough guys when there can be so dam big gear difference. It's not that somebody would have farmed me or anything but whole idea of some high geared guy picking low geared ppl makes me want to hit somebody. I't so dam patchetic beyond believe.... sinful so sinful
  3. FM unplayable in arena

    1shot winstreak to gold on lowbie fm During beta I had lotsa trouble with fm like 3-18 but I eventually changed playstyle and class became good. Just don't play fm like in pve where u mash buttons as fast as you can. Ur not necessary in hurry aplying freeze aswell. Just keep dem chilled. You mentioned kfm, bd and destro and their deflect.... all those have window where they are locked to animation when u can attack. Dont smash those button and wait Sry to say it to op but its that last one :/
  4. Blademaster class in general is a joke.

    Its not that those 2 trash pulls at brightstone take any notable time as bm anyway. Cheese them with flicker spam from mid range yo >.> As for brightstone otherwise. 1st boss can cheese you if u get unlucky and last blue boss can be lil bitchy with that unblockable ice attack Too me quite few wipes to get the tactics to my head tho
  5. PvP is broken, just stop having hope

    Kfm along with destro and bm wait till enemy uses their tab and then strike for a kill. Neutral game prolongs as long as the opponents tab is used. Then its half min struggle to survive or kill. Out of these 3 kfm has easiest way to start the combo. Starts with either RB or V which penetrate all but iframes BM must absolutely succeed in tech chase stun/or daze or its all wasted. Lil lag at tht moment and its gg lol. In destro best case scenario you want to grab opponent to side of arena and then go nuts. Starting combo otherwise carries risk that opponent q or e first stun if you have to charge from far away I won't deny that this is kinda bullshit but yea... He knows that only thing that matter in the match is to wait till opponent use tab :/ I didnt remember it could chew full hp before i saw this. I have memory that its more like closer to 50% but guess it was in lv50 arena
  6. Blade master on vacation?

    Eu definetly have multiple at top50 Reasons there are not too many are atleast followings: 1. Summoner is super fotm and sort of hard counter to BM. Its super frustating for bm to constatly fight huge uphill battles vs them when 3/5 of opponents you face are them. 2. BM still need skill points to fully function. 5hm lv definetly helped tons but more are still needed. 3. Lv50 will make it easier. Right now BM lack 2x super important hm skill 4. Newly released hm skill is mandatory aswell but its locked behind pve content and rng. At auction house they are 350-400g at eu so I imagine its pretty much same there. 5. Skillz. I'd say bm along with fm are the ones which need most awareness and knowledge of other classes
  7. Bots in Arena

    Do not underestimate them ;D They are definetly better than some silver players and they bumb full destro cc arsenal ;D Tried practise 3rf with kfm alt vs them and bam... got bit careless and even dropped to 30% xD
  8. Anyone beat Jungshado?

    Got 3 classes at lv45 and doing Jungshado with all of them daily. BM is only one i can reliably 1shot him while for example it's huge struggle versus timer with similiar geared (crit 2,5% lower) kfm. BD is neutral Profane with infernal accesories on all these chars while I still try figure to which i buy siren. Usually got like 30sec left on timer depending if he starts spam that annoying air combo which gives him iframes for long timein the end. Like use immeadetly 5sec later after previous one. Do not overuse air combo. I usuall only air combo when that 45sec cd aerial is off cd. I have tried downing him with both flame and lightning builds. Overall they score me around same clear time Naive, so naive
  9. BM and the Arena

    Yes because most of them are PvE changes. Well pretty much all >.> I just told these are next patch notes, ones we will receive next. Translations could be better but atleast they should give the idea. X change just wonders me... does it replace knockdown with stun or what o.O Also dont ya put 2 point to it for knockdown anyway :O?
  10. BM and the Arena

    As negative as I may sound these changes won't happen because they will not/don't have rights to change anything. Gotta follow asia notes While BM kinda suks(more like gotta work more for same results as certain others) in arena right now BM cc is still top-class plus you didn't list everything. If anything sustain dmg could see some improvement. Heres next patch notes btw. Credits to freedomplays Dragon Cleave (RB) – increase damage – CD is changed from 1.2 sec to 2.5 sec – add effect: recover 8 Focus over 4 sec – add effect: gain max speed for Stab (RB), Heaven Sunder (RB) for 4 sec. Stab (RB) – increase damage of Tier 2/3/5 Stage 1, Tier 5 Stage 2 – change to Fire elemental – Tier 5 Stage 2: the effect of “recover 2 % HP on crit” is changed to “convert 5% of damage to HP recovery on hit” Heaven Sunder (RB) – change to Lightning elemental Full Moon Slash (TAB) – Tier 2 Stage 1: Focus recovery is increased from 3 to 4 – Tier 2 Stage 1: the effect of “gain max speed for Stab (RB), Heaven Sunder (RB) when dealing critical damage under Blade Stance” is changed to “gain max speed for Stab (RB), Heaven Sunder (RB) when you hit under Blade Stance” Draw (LB) – Tier 4 Stage 3: the damage increase effect is maintained for a certain period, even after casting this skill. Front Kick (X) – the effect of “Induce Stun on casting target” is removed – Tier 2 Stage 2: add effect – “Induce 2 sec Stun” and “Stack 1 Bleed” Full Moon Slash (TAB) – change to Fire elemental.
  11. Anyone beat Jungshado?

    Profane 10 with infernal accessories. Mushin soulshield I kill him few times a day hoping costume would drop but yea... Mass CC and avoid using too much air combo. Try not to waste blade call I usually kill him with 30-1min left depending if he starts spam that combo chain in the end during which he is invulnerable. Tried both normal lighting spec and fire spec with dragontongue. Scoring around same time with both specs.
  12. Summoner: PvE is OP, PvP is Underpowered

    Meh... you should have put some more energy to this troll thread -.-
  13. Every class is stupidly OP compared to BM

    Absurd amount of summoners is also one thing that keeps blade masters at bay. Ain't it like considered one of hardest counters in game anyway. It's so friking frustating to fight them and friking humiliating when some lv25 summoner think he's hot shot running around while outrnging ur skills. HM lv and additonal skills helped a tons but more points are still needed yet alone certain hm skills. I would die for lightning draw hm right now but last 2 were sold for 400g in my server. Right now I'm struggling in low gold and say... out of 5 matches its usually 3 summoner. What DeOne mentioned is also absolutely correct. I've began to favour offensive-def version in most scenarios as normal block is so dam punishing when opponent "skillfully" outplay it.

    It doesn't disable blocks but offensive-defenses. Destro spin, BD spin , BM specced blade crash, KFM specced elbow *** are labeled as one. Read the tooltips You are locked to animation at the end of roll. During roll its iframe and at the very end ur vulnerable. Term used in this scenario is tech chasing Well ofc.. because it doesn't say it would penetrate iframe. All blocks are categorized as defense and deflects are deflects This is typo and idk what it havent been fixed. It never ever resisted status effects in any patch
  15. Most of the BladeMaster skills don't make sense

    In addition what Ghobe said.... dam he pointed almost everything >.> Honed slash is ur main dmg and does extra dmg to stunned target. Also bosses take couple of same type cc If you use that normal RB stab your doing it wrong PvP. Most scenarios vs pet class you might wanna use crash. Also 3v3 Stomp for regen and once again pvp. You won't attack knockdown target in pvp normal way. Stomp is fast and unexpected and regen What is point of this? All men are not born equal and neither are skills the same I cannot see anythin to argue i mean dafuk rly o.O Flock of blades is 10sec duration 1min cd stance and it unlocks you 5 skill in addition to insane chi regen in next patch. What exactly is broken is what I dont get. Does low dmg? Well you use cc break version maybe Its lightning draw last tier hongmoon skill. There is chance it gets unlocked in next weeks patch when bloodharbour releases because training tome is supposed to drop there