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disconnected from server (1000) (132, 15100)


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Hi every time i try to play B&S after a few seconds this message appear to me and the game auto-close. I tryed on three different Servers (Starfall crater, Cardinal Gates and Hao District) but i have the same problem.

My connection work.

My firewall is disabled.



Edit: now i have a different error



Edit2: I live in Italy

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I have the same problem , couldnt find a way to fix it , what make this work is using WTFast.


If you are Russian or from that region , you are IP blocked , so yea..

If you arent Russian (like me) , the only "fix" i could find was wtfast nothing else so far and support is the worst.

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well im from London and i keep getting that message whenever i have to go through portals... im getting rly tired of it and also sent in a ticket. I cant play like this if u keep getting disconnected 24984953 times a day cause the main quests actually lead u through dungeons -.-

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Bump this to top, Spanish player here. I will state my case just in case something helps out or clarifies something.  


First of all, its not IP BLOCK, Spain ( IT SHOULDNT WTH ) is not one of those blocked countries. This error pumps up from time to time and for example everytime you create a new character. ( Can happend while exploration but its weird * yet not impossible since yesterday it happpened to me *.


As far as I can predict, it may be our routers / ISP, blocking packages sent to the server, so I already turned off Firewall/Antivirus, it didnt work out tho.


My next step is gonna try to open router ports completely ( but this souldnt be the problem...since other games work well with them pretty closed ). 



Im wondering if someone knows a proper solution to this or some support will come along and explain something to us, Ive checked the german section ( yeah, ) and you can see ncsoft staff answering and helping people out. For example there was a guy trying this "WTFAST" program, wich seemed to work.





EDIT1 : Ok guys, I figured out it could be the DNS our ISP provides us with. Changed them to standar google ones, lets find out if this works out

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1 minute ago, Aevri said:

I frequently get disconnect 1000 every couple hours until the last 2 runs i left my chrome open as i browse the forums, and the game didn't disconnect for a long while until i quit client.



Could that be that 15100 error means a connection drop , maybe a little one and the game recognizes it as you didnt have internet at all? I will mail NCsoft as ive said..lets see what I can get to know

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