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  1. Spain, and my ISP is Telefonica. I dont think is the ISP, i just get that error once when i log in for first time in a day, then if i dont shut down my comp or restart it i dont get that error again. The real problem to me is when i have to log in fors first time in a day at 20:00 gmt, cause i get all the queue and then i know i will have to do the queue again to finally log in _:(
  2. I am in the same boat, i only get that error frist time i log in before restarting my computer. Anyways that error is nasty. Im afraid we wont get any response/fix soon because they seems to have more importnt problems.
  3. i had the same issue 3 days ago, and that was i write to the ticket support web: Ulttimatum Jan 26, 23:51 The player XXXX has changed the loot rules to Master Loot in a cross server run just when the final boss had 3%hp to take all loot to him, and dont let bid anything. Attachment(s) xxx.png xxx.png -------------- That was i got from BnS support: XXXXX (Blade and Soul) Jan 26, 23:53 Hello, Thank you for taking the time to report this possible violation of the rules. We will investigate the issue and take appropriate action against anyone found to be violating the User Agreement. For privacy reasons, we are not able to provide specific information about what action is taken in response to this report. I'm sorry that we aren't able to provide more information about the outcome in this case. We do take these reports very seriously, and we will do everything we can to verify what happened. Regards, XXXXXX NCSOFT Support Team -------------- That happened to me the days where bots and server stability become to fail, so i think i was really ignored. As the guys who answered me from NCSOFT Support team sais i wont get any response about what happened to that guy... well i hoped he got banned, i think now he has not.
  4. I know they have told us they are listening, but there say and act are things different. - EU Community is seriously angry about your maintances time - Lag in login screen on afternoons are incredibily unacceptable. - Spam bots and farmer bots are a really problem right now. - Some oeple is getting banned for using programs that help them to have better ping. - Your ticket answers are extremly slow. - Forums had a lot of complaints and are not answered by mods/decs to calm down. - A lot of people are having troubles to get in game or just to stay in. - A lot of people is offering you some fixes for your troubles and you dont say any word. - Some people is suffering scam in game (Master loot, fast pushing bid when the bid is hot...) and you dont make some antifraud fixes. You made 5 beta stages, that took 2-3 months of waiting, and the comunity knows you had not do nothing between every beta, at least you put a 50mb patch between betas (nothing to be honest to fix anything important). So 2-3 months of betas for nothing. literally. I'm not an angry customer, but im starting to think you dont care about your customers. As me, i dont speak for all, i demand a fast response to the most important troubles, take all time you need to fix that troubles, take all maintances you considerer, but dont waste any minute, we are not waiting for botched jobs.
  5. It doesnt work correctly, proved and confirmed. All group can vote kick someone but the system doesnt not kick him. Seems it needs a fix.
  6. Issue/Request: Give us some courtesy minutes to get in the server again if we DC Benefits: + Player will not have to wait again all queues + Player will have a chance to get back with is character + Player will have a chance to reconect with the last group Issue/Request: Let the players report in PvP Lobby and Dungeon Lobby Benefits: + Less bot spam Issue/Request: Remove the Master Loot option from Cross Server dungeon /or/ Vote for change loot Benefits: + Less ninja looters + Not force to only play with friends.
  7. I told in another topic, the best measure to counterattack spam is with active moderators ingame, or a a perfect antispam bot. Farming bots are another problem, but we dont consider it a problem because they are not seeing very often, anyways it affect us too because they use some slots in the server and they are broking the market prices, now a days, the crafting is completly useless, you will not make any profit from it.
  8. They have done it with level 10+ and didnt work, you want it to level 15+ and 20+? are you trolling?
  9. Hongmoon Earrings and Necklace

    Keep leveling up all Hongmoon items.
  10. She's beautiful.. ?

    Humm... no, im a normal guy, with a wife and a 6 years old boy. I have been a lot in the cinema, you know, kids... and never screw nothing in that room ;)
  11. The OP says BINDING, not MACRO, if he is using words correctly he is not doing nothing agains NCSoft terms, so stop blaming him. Other thing he is lying, but we dont know that so, for me, if he has been banned for binding keys to his mouse, is clearly a false positive. One of the best KFM in BnS Dojo has keys binded to his mouse for his confort and dont think he is banned. Some people are just toxic since was born, blahj!
  12. I play on Windrest, im Master and i have premium. I'm just proposing a feature, not a problem. I can live without an alter, but i think its unfair for people who got a DC at Friday 20:00 gmt on a populated server.
  13. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    The solution is not banning them, its imposible, they will come again, and again, and again with another account. And they will spam again his webpages which without any doubt, some people buy from them. You can put a counter to ban them, but you will not remove them at all. You can manually ban them, but they will come again with another account. You can increase the level to use specific chats, this will force them to improve his levels. And so on... The solution is to not allow his spam (at least for chat, bots are a little more dificult to fight with), they uses patrons like 3W . XXXXXXXXXXX . COM or 3W (DOT) XXXXXXX (DOT) COM NCSoft should try to not let them, or make it so hard to form a sentence where you can read a webpage.
  14. I know that this improvement may have not any slot in the NCSoft agenda right now because there are some more important things to do but i want to share it. Right now, if you switch to character creation to change your character for your alter or to create a new one, you have to queue again all server queue like you have come just right now. I suggest to give the player who leaves for switching characters (or because has suffered a DC) to have a 5 min courtesy to save his spot inside the server.
  15. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    And right now, the most visible problem is the chat spam, in 1-2 months we will see what OwlDarae has posted in level 45+ What ever you try to do, will be overpopulated by bots. To be honest, chat spam and bots need a fix assap, or BnS will fall like Age of Wushu, full of bots and goldspammers.