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  1. I accept commissions for drawings, avatars, covers and signatures. Samples: Graphic works Beyond Despair [01/15/2016] Sarahx3 [01/19/2016] Drawings Enamour [01/22/2016] Change history [01/16/2016] I start this topic to show my future works. Of course the works will be focused on Blade & Soul. I had some previous experiences as graphic designer. Here's a work. Here's another work. *tease intensifies* Let's see if I am fast enough to post something tomorrow (UTC+1).
  2. ╚═Beyond═╬═Despair═╗

    Wolfskin costume
  3. Image size for signatures

    It says 500x120, but I get " Your chosen signature does not meet the guidelines. " on the top and " Too many Images " on the bottom. My signature takes 46-48 kb.
  4. Um, HElp...

    Try with Alt+Enter to enter full screen.
  5. Hongmoon Store item purchased not received.

    It's fine even if you just send a ticket.
  6. Paysafe Card Payment Option

    ... Isn't this the option?
  7. You should redeem your code: 1.Go to Blade & Soul game site. 2.My Account > Settings. 3.Apply a Code. 4.Blade & Soul.
  8. Clarification

    Changing server is the best option. Sometimes you can crash when waiting. If you have one of the "Disconnected from server" errors, you'll have waited for nothing. If you're stubborn, you can play at midnight. Don't afk, or you will be expelled.
  9. Same problem, I'm from Italy.
  10. I cannot play, help!

    Uhm, Serbia shouldn't have IP block. Look at this thread. You can also use a German VPN. Hao District shouldn't have a big queue.
  11. Disconnected from server. Help pls,

    You may be blocked using WTFast (for some reason that I don't know). If you're not from CIS countries, look at this thread.
  12. The release date has passed, so... Is there anyone who encounters this problem? It looks like I'm alone. I live in Italy, so I shouldn't have IP block. I'm tired of playing with a French/German VPN, it's laggy.
  13. Disconnected from server.(1000)(132,15100)

    You should play in the Russian version. I gave you the link for the site. You can play in the NA/EU version using a French/German/US VPN.
  14. Bug created by me ?

    Alt+Enter = Full screen mode You can't bump.
  15. Disconnected from server.(1000)(132,15100)

    You have an IP block. CIS countries have their own version of Blade & Soul hosted by Innova. У вас есть IP-адресов. Страны СНГ имеют свою собственную версию Клинок и Душа организовано Innova. (powered by Google translate)
  16. I cannot play, help!

    Can you give us your error code? Try to create a random character on a queueless server, then log-in. If you have got "Disconnected from server.(1000)(132,15100)", you should log-in through french/german VPN. If you have got "Disconnected from server.(1000)(132,10054)", you're IP blocked. CIS countries have their own version of Blade & Soul.
  17. Disconnected from server. Help pls,

    IP block for CIS countries.
  18. New BnS Shortcut.

    You should have a copy of the shortcut somewhere on the start menu (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs). Destination From
  19. "Mark forum as read" bug

    The button remains even if there's no new posts (after a refresh).
  20. Disconnects and by itself close client

    Try to create a random character on a queueless server, then log-in. If you have got "Disconnected from server.(1000)(132,15100)", you should log-in through french/german VPN.
  21. Disconnected from server.(1000)(132,15100)

    ... I wrote that I don't like playing with VPN, because it makes the game LAGGING.
  22. Search bar disappeared

    Now it's impossible to search on the forum.
  23. Search bar disappeared

    It's not a browser problem. I encountered this bug on Safari, Edge and Safari for iOS (the icon stays, but the bar won't appear).
  24. disconnect (132,15100)

    You're late for 15 seconds. Really.