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  1. Data travel around 3000km less if you guys are using EU servers from there. Less distant equals less ping. Or you can try out the asian servers with english patch.
  2. Did now and the link with it, but doesn't seem like a viable fix since BnS doesn't set an external engine setting profile for you to modify. Until the devs can find out what causes it, keep tinkering around with drivers, especially use DDU to wipe clean for driver reinstallation and reinstall DirectX 9.0 redistribution pack. I personally take a sharp frames drop when gliding off the walkway at 24-Poharan dungeon with enemy shooting at me behind. Other than that the game is fine everywhere else. Second thing i can think of if the game use PhysX with CPU render, that had cause me fra
  3. Sorry didn't realize i came straight to page 2 and read Doom's post thought as first post. But is true my vram is up to 800+MB running the game normally. Since you have AMD i can't assist. I can only imagine the game might run fine on older, non crimson edition driver.
  4. Seem like mostly happen to 8 threading CPUs, try turn off HyperThreading to use the 4 true cores, or disable Core Parking and see how it goes. Also in BIOS if you have HPET option, turn that on, it is for HT CPUs. While most games and programs don't have problems with those on or off but some just simply affected by it.
  5. guess the queue is really getting me, to even participate this thread.. shot's from yesterday.
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