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  1. I'm recently back to try BnS again, downloaded new installer and i get this exact same problem too. What the heck, game was fine 6 months ago.
  2. Even you have the limit of how much grind you can handle so why not others?
  3. Long while ago in NA server a random bypasser sat next to me when i alt-tab back in, screenshot'd for no reason..
  4. While i'm not yet quitting but sure is taking heavy toll on dailies because i feel the grind is getting out of my limit. There's no way i like do dailies everyday for weeks just to upgrade gears to oathbreaker and more costly tiers later. I've reduced my ingame activity day by day cut off the dailies that aren't worth it to now i find everything is not worth doing. Is like having a job in real life to get a new phone or car just to find your job's wage is getting lower everyday to the point you need to work your butt off to provide yourself. That's no fun, top of that people are going to judge
  5. The fart is majestic I love it..
  6. I'm right on 69 today. Imagine the luck of rolling 1 or 2 for 22 days.
  7. How about a buff status from bosses that work in SSP only, like Plog Sanctum get their own buff. It work as damage distant from the boss calculate the damage you do. The closer you get to boss the less nerfed damage range class can do, optimal damage within 5m of boss.
  8. That is what forums is for, when you don't understand stuffs or feel lost in progression you ask them here to get straight answers. But if you are simply bored of the contents then that's another story no one can fix it. Is good to take a break if that's the case.
  9. You are asking for devs/designer's opinion which they are in korean in KR right now. If you ask ordinary players like me, i simply couldn't care for it because we couldn't control it in any way.
  10. Accessories doesn't have split path like weapon, it goes onward; Awakened Siren>True Siren>Awakened Oathbreaker. Nothing is missed.
  11. There's no a solid permanent setting due to the constant change of player numbers to render. Ordinary questing to endgame level you should be fine with medium to high preset 60fps, then you should lower the setting during high playerbase raids such as faction war. The graphic option in this game very flexible to tweak to your liking so don't worry about it, game will run fine on your laptop regardless. Also common tip for new players, use CTRL+F ingame to hid other players during open boss fight can help reduce framerate drop.
  12. My god... the catception and kawaii-ness.. :'DDDDDDD yes pls
  13. Let me guess, is it a laptop? If the system were able to handle 60fps and then down to low fps after a while this could only mean thermal throttling. Either on CPU or GPU.
  14. It is best to grind soulstones from Misty Wood and sell it early to get to True Profane as soon as possible because you seriously need that dps on early endgame level. And work from there to save up the resources. After True Profane never ever buy Transformation Stone and craft your own to save more money.
  15. @reilo5 Lol for real i'm paying $25 USD for 10GB net here.
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