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  1. Spinning Disk at E.Fleet

    I may need to check this out myself...
  2. The image from the post by Kasumi did you try to right click > open in new tab? that usually works in taking you directly to the image in the case of broken images on the forums (if the image still exist at that url that is). also, this is a jin.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Am late to the temptation screenshot party and more [ http://imgur.com/a/skPkW ]
  4. Triss from witcher(preset request)

    I guess it depends on if OP really wants Triss, or some other race that kinda sorta, but doesn't really look like Triss in the end. I also think Gon would be able to get closest, but I guess it's up to OP to give some more detail as to what they want on that end.
  5. Triss from witcher(preset request)

    uhh... does it matter what race? It might, depending on which class you want to play.
  6. Should you quit if...

    I'm not sure why that would be a reason to quit. Once the new weapon paths come out after the update, it might take some more effort to progress compared to before for those people below pirate, but you'll still get there. Only reason to quit the game would be if you no longer enjoy the game, right?
  7. Show off your characters!!

    I think dreamcutter looks best on lyn. The underboob thing kinda ruins the outfit on the other races in my opinion lol. on topic: Spending forever trying to make a jin from an earlier preset i started. Here's my progress, not sure if it's done yet. There's always that one thing that you want to change once you see it in-game lol. more stuff [ http://imgur.com/a/d8AQC ]
  8. Small gripe - clock is wrong.

    The thing is, the clock doesn't adjust for daylight savings. I ended up just switching to the next time zone so it would show up right.
  9. The yellow butterfly outfit for yun was gone last I checked. Everything else they said was leaving is still there though lol.
  10. Are the servers down atm?

  11. Warlock or BladeMaster?

    If you decide to play warlock, better save up some gold to buy that corrupted razor unless you want to farm darkglimpse for days lol. Maybe rng will be nice to you when you get there though.
  12. Any suggestions on choosing a server?

    suggestions would depend on whether you're playing na or eu.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    Showing off the nice lighting in this cave. Kinda wish outfit didn't have the wings lol. more pics for those interested: http://imgur.com/a/zql3B
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Made an fm to play with a friend. Gave me a reason to use this Gon I made.
  15. Help me pick new class

    You make some good points, but I don't completely agree that kfm has problems dealing with bigger groups. Like you said, it depends on the situation and on how you spec your skills. -If you put points into the far right tree of counter you can resist 1 hit after a successful counter. This easily allows you to facetank most attacks when 1v1 and even helps in large groups when your q or e are down. - next comes your q and e dodges, which unlike some other classes are separate skills. If you put points into q/e, you basically become invincible for the duration of the skill + 1 sec after. Dodge enough attacks and you get a buff that gives you 100% evade for a few more seconds on top of that. Since both dodge skills are separate, you can remain invulnerable for a long time. This gives you plenty of time to spam tiger strike + hellfire kick into huge crowds without taking any dmg whatsoever. If that's not enough, kfm has 4-5 stun/ daze skills that you can spec into. There is no reason that you can't fight against groups, I do it all the time ezpz. - as for long range attacks, you're kind of right. kfm doesn't have long range attacks, but you do have a few skills to close the gap on enemies (rmb, ss + lmb, C ). Your C skill can even give i-frames, hp recovery, or even daze depending on how you spend your points. Compared to assassin, yea it's gonna take a little more effort, but I think that's part of what makes it more fun than just perma-stealthing and spamming rmb + f for a good amount of the fight. It keeps you engaged and you really learn how to hold your own against enemies in pve. Kfm is a strong class and you can pretty much solo anything once you learn how all your skills work and how you can use them to cc chain anything that gets in your way.
  16. Hongmoon coins

    step 1. Get to 45 step 2. Do dailies for money. 24 man, blue dungeons, faction dailies, mushin tower. Sometimes you get moonwater pickaxes from moonwater boxes, if you don't need them, they usually sell for around 1g each. step 3. Take all your new found wealth and dump as much of it as you're willing to part with on the currency exchange. step 4. Find something to do until people buy your gold. step 5. Buy all the things with your freshly made hm coin. Enjoy!
  17. Show off your characters!!

    Nice looking Gon from this angle. Wish we could see all of her though. Got the white hot outfit. I think it looks pretty nice. Took some more pics, but not trying to spam too many in this post lol ( http://imgur.com/a/RNXJC )
  18. daily dash delete char?

    Just to make it really clear... The items from daily dash go to your account-wide mail by default. You can leave them there and they will be perfectly safe until you want to take them out. Like others said, some items can be traded afterwards (common items). Items such as valor stones, hongmoon keys, hm seals, etc. that aren't normally tradeable anyway, those will bind to whatever character takes them out.
  19. C'mon guys, you gotta admit this is funny. (this thread I mean) If you COULD spam 123456 as fast as you can, you can bet people would be doing it in those games lol. The cooldown really doesn't make it any different. What class are you playing that you find so boring by the way?
  20. Couple optimization ideas

    It already exists.
  21. Too late for Warlock leveling rewards?

    Like you said OP, you still have about 7 hours til the maint. If you managed to hit 45 before then, I would think you would still get the costumes after this maint.
  22. Warlock leveling challange info needed

    Yes, reading is hard
  23. Too late for Warlock leveling rewards?

    The event goes on until March 23rd. If you have your new chars at 45 already, then you'll get them after this maint. If you're still lvling, then you'll just have to wait til the next scheduled maint to get your costumes.