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  1. Spinning Disk at E.Fleet

    I may need to check this out myself...
  2. The image from the post by Kasumi did you try to right click > open in new tab? that usually works in taking you directly to the image in the case of broken images on the forums (if the image still exist at that url that is). also, this is a jin.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Am late to the temptation screenshot party and more [ http://imgur.com/a/skPkW ]
  4. Triss from witcher(preset request)

    I guess it depends on if OP really wants Triss, or some other race that kinda sorta, but doesn't really look like Triss in the end. I also think Gon would be able to get closest, but I guess it's up to OP to give some more detail as to what they want on that end.
  5. Triss from witcher(preset request)

    uhh... does it matter what race? It might, depending on which class you want to play.
  6. Should you quit if...

    I'm not sure why that would be a reason to quit. Once the new weapon paths come out after the update, it might take some more effort to progress compared to before for those people below pirate, but you'll still get there. Only reason to quit the game would be if you no longer enjoy the game, right?
  7. Show off your characters!!

    I think dreamcutter looks best on lyn. The underboob thing kinda ruins the outfit on the other races in my opinion lol. on topic: Spending forever trying to make a jin from an earlier preset i started. Here's my progress, not sure if it's done yet. There's always that one thing that you want to change once you see it in-game lol. more stuff [ http://imgur.com/a/d8AQC ]
  8. Small gripe - clock is wrong.

    The thing is, the clock doesn't adjust for daylight savings. I ended up just switching to the next time zone so it would show up right.
  9. The yellow butterfly outfit for yun was gone last I checked. Everything else they said was leaving is still there though lol.
  10. Are the servers down atm?

  11. Warlock or BladeMaster?

    If you decide to play warlock, better save up some gold to buy that corrupted razor unless you want to farm darkglimpse for days lol. Maybe rng will be nice to you when you get there though.
  12. Any suggestions on choosing a server?

    suggestions would depend on whether you're playing na or eu.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    Showing off the nice lighting in this cave. Kinda wish outfit didn't have the wings lol. more pics for those interested: http://imgur.com/a/zql3B