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  1. Am late to the temptation screenshot party and more [ http://imgur.com/a/skPkW ]
  2. I think dreamcutter looks best on lyn. The underboob thing kinda ruins the outfit on the other races in my opinion lol. on topic: Spending forever trying to make a jin from an earlier preset i started. Here's my progress, not sure if it's done yet. There's always that one thing that you want to change once you see it in-game lol. more stuff [ http://imgur.com/a/d8AQC ]
  3. Showing off the nice lighting in this cave. Kinda wish outfit didn't have the wings lol. more pics for those interested: http://imgur.com/a/zql3B
  4. Made an fm to play with a friend. Gave me a reason to use this Gon I made.
  5. Nice looking Gon from this angle. Wish we could see all of her though. Got the white hot outfit. I think it looks pretty nice. Took some more pics, but not trying to spam too many in this post lol ( http://imgur.com/a/RNXJC )
  6. what about the people that have both??
  7. When I logged in today, I planned on leveling my characters for the event. Instead, I found myself in the character creator... idk if i'll use the preset any time soon, but I think it turned out kinda nice so far.
  8. fancy lights. looking ghostly pale. silly poses in the sky
  9. rip. never forget : brother hajoon (2016)
  10. So I tried to make a new Jin for warlock. Still undecided whether it looks good enough for me to stick with. Always have a hard time creating a Jin lol.
  11. here is an example using imgur. it's pretty much the same no matter what image hosting site you use though. get image link. put it in the box ( you can also right click the image, then hit "copy image address" that works too ) insert into post... and then your pictures should show up!
  12. I'm starting to feel bad about posting so many pictures of my characters lol I wanted to make this yun from before that I spent so much time on, so I did. I wonder what she's looking at over there... More pics of my gon kfm. Nightshade harbor has some nice lighting. My cool blade master
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