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  1. less people to carry...more fps... more chances to get ur gear... why isnt this a good thing again? lol
  2. ahh okay thanks! guess we'll find out tomorrow
  3. where does it say 50= gem? im just curious... wondering if i missed something
  4. NA.. im in group 3.. and its pretty much dead.. been seeing a lot of streamers and a handful are in group 6..so group 6.. they're all saying that mushin is the whale capital and therefore, it will be too over populated.. so not going there xD
  5. Im looking into transferring to another server, but id like to go somewhere that is more populated. Is there a way to know the server group population? Or will i be forced to spend $25 to hop every time?
  6. I agree.. ran all dailies on 5 alts, and ran all purples on my main.. never once saw a sacred oil merchant.. 99% of the time.. it was 5 soulstones.. or 1 moonstone..saw the holly jolly outfit ONCE- that was yesterday.. AFTER christmas.. .. wtf ncsoft?! Should we compare the list TWI and KR server gets?!
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