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  1. Yep, I've been trying to connect a dozen times until I actually logged in, but then I got dc at the last fight of Infinity tower and now I can't login again
  2. You probably did the best, I'm thinking right now on buying Overwatch. Blizzard is a real company afterall, and their anti-cheat is huge. Seems like a very fun game.
  3. Everyone is in the same boat here. I honestly don't know why are they delaying the class.
  4. Yeah I have been playing since beta, and in Taiwan server before that, so I really love the game but I'm having a very hard time right now. I'm fighting with myself everyday to log in and do my dailies to continue my routine, because if I don't, if I spend a few days without playing, I know I won't log in again forever, not even SF will bring me back, the tiredness is becoming really big. The only thing that keeps me playing is a minimal hope that all this farm will be useful one day, but on the other hand, what if they release SF so late that I have stopped playing out of exhausti
  5. I have all the required materials for full oathbreaker accesories and true scorpio weapon... and still 1k gold left. This farming is killing me, I wanna play with SF and stop this insane grinding with my true pirate FM. At this rate, I'm gonna burnout even before SF comes out. And when I leave a game, it's very hard for me to come back.
  6. I'm totally sure I will main SF, so I'm not spending a single gold on my FM (maybe I will still use it for arenas sometimes). If I can't do a single dungeon from now on due to my low AP, so be it. Gonna stockpile thousands of materials.
  7. Of couse they are ready, which is not ready is the cash grab event that will come with it. "Falling behind? Worry not! Spend 400$ for gazillion mats and enjoy your fast upgrades and awesome new class!" If only they could stop lying... don't tell us that it is not ready, when on 1st June we will have content that not even Taiwan has.
  8. Congratulations NC, you won the "We don't give a *cricket* about what players want" prize. The only thing coming in the next patch that has been requested by some players is the story expansion. No one asked for pets, hongmoon 15, or infinity tower. Ffs I have only seen 3 people at hongmoon 10 already. You bring all these things instead of a class that has been requested by a huge amount of players for 2 months now. Just so you now, this is what makes players leave, not the game itself, its the way you treat us with 0 trasparency. If you wanna cash grab players, you have to mainta
  9. Money always talks louder. This is bussiness after all.
  10. I think what makes perfect sense for NC is to delay it as much as possible to ensure that we fall extremely behind, and then release it with a mega-ultra-hyper-super cash grab event. 10$->box with stingers, moonstones and silverfrost transformations. Wohooo. Make your money way to catch up!
  11. I don't think a late announcement is gonna happen, they still remain totally silent about the class. They said "it's coming" and then another freaking silence. They don't wanna answer any question related with SF. I honestly don't know what are they doing. They must hate the class or something, or hate the people who wanna play it.
  12. We are totally tired of speculating, we have been doing it for 2 months, and it has been demostrated that they don't release it because they don't want to, so it's senseless to keep doing it. They will release it when they feel like doing it, because they want it, because they rule this game and we are here to give them money. It's a shame but seeing how they are managing patches, it's what I think.
  13. They already know we want the class really bad, even Jonathan told us in the livestream to stop bashing at forums and twitter about the class because it was coming. And now, this shit is like "oh, yeah I know you want the class, and it's ready for you but you won't have it because I don't want to"
  14. Everyone does... this totally sucks, especially when we are getting content that came out in Korea at the same time as soul fighter. They are just delaying it without a *cricket* reason.
  15. Finishing a new story chapter takes a few hours, and leveling to 45, 3-4 days. I don't think there will be a new class in 4 days after the patch
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