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  1. Fat Cat

    top dps?

    If you go back to my third post, you'll see that by 'as it stands' applies to our current predisposition. i.e. a patch behind Korea - NA/EU client in its current form. The actual wording I used was 'pre latest patch'. However, in Korea, what you say only holds some truth to it, and you seem to possess some inherent bias for the Assassin class. If you look at the video below, you'll see Soul Fighter maintaining highest dps for most of the video (for 7 minutes) after the initial burst with buffs at the start (where Assassin, Summoner and Soul Fighter each do 350k+, much more than you
  2. Fat Cat

    top dps?

    You're posting a video without all of the top dps classes I mentioned, hence showing no comparison, and suggesting that i'm the stupid one? Equally, video of a personal dungeon experience with an Assassin and a Force Master =/= sample of an entire playerbase of 9 classes. You even say "this is the chart after the newly introduced amulets" and then proceed in not providing any chart. I'm not sure whether to believe you are a fool, or simply a fool.
  3. Fat Cat

    top dps?

    You're comparing three classes based on your own playstyle, and then throwing in some unsubstantiated junk about it also being the case on B&S CN. You should probably play all classes at the highest meta before commenting with your own personal experience. According to damage meters in the Korean client (pre latest patch), FM/SMN/SF/BD share the top positions. Your anecdotal experiences mean absolutely nothing in the grand scale of the large sample that is the Korean playerbase.
  4. Fat Cat

    top dps?

    Your friends are living in a dream world. It's just a difficult class to master. Think of it as a high dps version of a KFM. You have to do a lot of different crap to achieve the best outcome. KFM = use all your skills, do a whole load of stuff and be an unkillable god. SF = use all your skills, do a whole load of stuff and kill the shit out of everything.
  5. Fat Cat

    top dps?

    Assassin was only top dps in vanilla. Summoner was a strong 2nd before Silverfrost but now shares that place. Warlock was on par with Summoner before it was nerfed, now it's in the lower half of the dps barrel. As it stands right now, FM is still top, followed by SF, Summoner and BD. All other classes are in the lower dps tier.
  6. Soul Fighter June 22nd Source: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/blade-soul-producers-letter/
  7. The person who created this thread quit ages ago, they don't post here anymore. You're responding to a ghost. You are quoted in the main post of the thread, so I know you've been here from the beginning. If the idea of leaving the game has now crossed your mind, that says a lot to me. Thanks to Julianne's Twitter comment, I have my answer; Soul Fighter is not coming anytime soon, so i'm done with the game. You can have my gold if you want, Marronero.
  8. This is so true, and I completely agree with you. It's gotten to the point of ridiculous now. I'm in that boat with you. If we don't have it this patch then i'm out, for good. Livestream is probably our last hope, but if it ends up being the usual "avoid all Soul Fighter questions" then that'll be my cue to drop this game.
  9. My hope for Soul Fighter is just that I will get to run the dungeons in groups of all Soul Fighters. Blackram Narrows with an all Soul Fighter group would be too much fun. Same with Bloodshade, Supply Chain, Yeti, and Asura. It will probably be the most fun I will ever have in the game, if i'm still here that is. It'd be so much fun if somebody made a Soul Fighter clan and did all content with only Soul Fighters too. I'd join it, for sure.
  10. I don't think it really matters if they're different types of game, people move on from things they do not enjoy, to other things that they do enjoy. I know some people already moved on to Black Desert Online, others to The Division or Dark Souls III, a few even to DC Universe, a handful simply uninstalled the game and took a break from games completely, and many more will move on to Overwatch. It's just the reality of the situation. I don't think this tactic of denying it all, that many of the remaining players have adopted, is going to end well. When somebody criticizes the game
  11. So now we have the full picture. There was something off about them not releasing Soul Fighter yet, despite it being in game since Silverfrost. It was something that made no sense to any of us, something we couldn't quite put our fingers on, and it was frustrating as hell. I think the wording Jonathan used was also very specific there. Almost like it was his way of telling us (without blatantly saying so and then getting told off by his colleagues) that it's coming when the weapon path is removed (June 1st). It actually explains why they decided to remove the weapon path so soon, t
  12. I don't think you have much understanding of the way we've received content so far. The client build is very up-to-date, and its compatibility is almost on par with Korea in terms of functionality, engine, and potential for content implementation. We aren't at the most recent Korean build, but we are almost there. Most of the functionality is simply disabled, for we do not yet have the content implemented for the respective functionality. The client build we are currently on, is equivalent to Korea's January client build at the least (it also has some internal/ptr functionality disabled, li
  13. Releasing Soul Fighter next week would be a nice surprise, but I really don't see that happening at all - Warlock was announced two weeks in advance. As it stands, looking through the client's files, the animation data sets are still limited to Gon/Yun, the voiceover on the class select screen is still Korean, and the video showcasing the class still has the Korean watermark. If we were getting it next week, surely we'd already be on the patch prepped for its release with an English voiceover, a video without the watermark, and of course the Jin animation data sets. I t
  14. I agree. The event we're getting is the same one Taiwan had on Soul Fighter's release back in february. Also, the fact that the weapon path deadline is June 1st, which is also the end date for daily dash, suggests that the next content patch is dropping on June 1st. I think I can safely say, without fear of backlash, that we will definitely, 100%, have Soul Fighter by June 1st. Look here. This is the event in Taiwan, it's the same patch that Soul Fighter was released on. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see it says, " To celebrate the birth of Soul Fighter, f
  15. I don't think it's Photoshop. Probably just rewrote the text in the page source and took a screenshot. Either way, a crappy thing to do.
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