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  1. I agree with this, and it was even asked in the livestream chat and the UE4 questions thread and when it was finally answered it was too late. It's also really quite strange for a company to remove core functionality from their game like that, especially when game companies tend to add functionality when remastering. You've got MMOs like WoW adding gamepad support after all these years, and other MMOs releaasing with native support, let alone all the new games and remasters that now have gamepad support that wouldn't have years ago - NCSoft on the other hand, they travel back in time and do th
  2. This applies to anywhere in the game, you may as well just set it permanently to 1 if you have low fps. They probably aren't bugged but could use a bit of optimisation.
  3. It's being put back in, Hime confirmed it here. Don't know when but she said it's a priority so hopefully soon. It would take minutes for one person to do, but it's NCSoft we're talking about. Hime is doing a good job with the community and getting our concerns heard since ue4 though - let's trust that she'll get it sorted for us quickly.
  4. The worst part about this is that long time players that were using a controller in ue3 cannot use a controller anymore, and might leave. Like, they have alienated some of their customers for no real reason at all, but for people like me, returning and new players, they haven't really lost or gained anything as we were not apart of the game for the last few years anyway, but they have lost the potential for us to stay unless controller support is put back in.
  5. 1660 Ti over here, game still runs like garbage, and windwalk in the air is broken for me, it motion blurs (with motion blur not ticked in graphics settings) and everything slows down and stutters while doing it.
  6. You're not the only one. It looks like NCSoft underestimated how many players it would affect, or they never thought about it and simply didn't care.
  7. They've been removed while they are reworked. A new gearing system is being implemented, and mythic dungeons will drop gear that don't need feeding materials to get to stage 9, they'll just be a complete item as is.
  8. Yeah, it was removed. They confirmed it in the UE4 questions thread.
  9. The calls for xinput (the api that handles xbox controllers) have not changed at all. Literally all NCSoft needed to do was copy and paste the handler then rewrite a few of the ue3 game lines to ue4. It honestly would have taken 10 minutes if that - UE4 even has native support for it and it takes a few minutes to setup even without doing the former. I was really disappointed in finding out controller support had been removed too, and I honestly wasn't expecting it to blow up like this. They removed core functionality of a game that had it for years, it's really dumb to remove such
  10. It's a problem with the game's design, mostly as a direct result of its p2w model. It is designed for you to not progress unless you pay to do so, and to inhibit any progress you can make without paying, with artificial barriers that waste your time and further lengthen the time taken for progression. The reason you are at Thornbreaker 9 is of no fault of new players or lazy players, it is simply because you have not paid enough money to progress further at a sufficient speed that would put you ahead of or on par with the latest content. Your options are: 1. Spend more money t
  11. The client is around 60GB, but the unpacking/decompressing process requires an extra 100GB, so you need about 160GB free space in total for it to download and install.
  12. During the livestream @Hime highlighted "a new menu as part of this unreal engine 4 update" which read "no text" and Hime clarified as being localised to "buff icons" - it looked to be settings for the new combat ui. The breaker gauge was also shown during the livestream on the Training Dummy in the Hongmoon Training Room. However, the website states that both these features, the new combat ui and breaker systems, release in November. I'd like a bit of clarity on this as I might simply be confused. tldr; Hime says new combat ui in UE4 update on September 8th, website says November.
  13. Jonathan was respected because he communicated well and interacted directly with the community rather than the passive way in which Hime does, and it wasn't even his job, he wasn't a community manager. It's not that Hime knows virtually nothing, it's that she outright ignores the community and whatever work (word processing) in the background she is doing is completely passive for the most part. In my opinion, she is supposed to be out here, at the front line, with us, communicating with us, no matter how toxic some players may be - she is supposed to do what Jonathan was doing. She is senior
  14. The whole reason the game is tedious and frustrating is deliberate by design to encourage customers to pay for progress. It's your money, spend it however you like. However, you're contributing to a perpetual cycle of garbage game design. Hopefully we still get the optional Soul Pass subscription-type model this year as it fixes an inherently flawed game design that is a direct result of the p2w model. It's mentioned on their Revival page but it wasn't on the stream so who knows anymore. As for the stream itself, it was disappointing to say the least. There was no clear
  15. Quite true, and it's unfortunate because it is an opportunity for the game to come back from the dead. Their constant changes and delays affect public opinion and perception of the company, mostly in ways that are negative to its image, leading to a loss of trust in the brand and corporation and decreasing sustainability of the product. They have until September 8th to really get themselves on track in regard to both their general operation and team cohesion, as well as making the game more accessible in a number of ways. Once UE4 drops on September 8th, it's in the players' hands.
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