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  1. They need to improve the game KR f2p level

    with few words, we're more Asians than Asians
  2. Latency Issues

    as i said in my previous reply, i have less than 80 ms on Battlefield 1 if the server is located in Germany(i have good connection), so my distance is more than ok as it seems 1. how exactly my router causes lag etc only on B&S and not in any other game? that's literally impossible. i play 3 fps and 2 mmo and i've never contacted my ISP to see if there's a problem 2. for B&S i have contacted my ISP a long time ago and there's no problem i didn't say all Germans. i've read in forum, youtube, etc that even people from Germany have high ping
  3. Are you Gonna fix this game or what???????

    i have already contacted my ISP and guess what? no problem at all
  4. Are you Gonna fix this game or what???????

    stop spouting nonsense that is my ISP. i have less than 80 ms when playing Battlefiel 1 in Germany servers, and B&S server is in Germany
  5. Are you Gonna fix this game or what???????

    i didn't use the in game ping counter, but pping, paping etc
  6. Are you Gonna fix this game or what???????

    there will be a 64-bit that "might" fix the fps, etc issues, but i don't see anything being done for latency. the latency issue should have been fixed since beta in 2015 by getting better server or whatever is needed. i read thet people from Germany have 150++ ms and server is located in Germany-Frankrfurt. no wonder i have 200+ from Greece, but strangely on Battlefield 1 etc games that servers are in EU i have less than 70-80 ms. and no, it's not your PC or ISP fault, so don't let anyone convince you it is. both performance and latency issues are from game's side ofc people will quit when they can't run a game like B&S while they can run the new games from 2016, and their ping is many times higher than any other game they play. these reasons are what made me(and i bet many others too) uninstall the game. and not the grind, etc
  7. the problem isn't our internet providers. who the hell believes this nonsense? the problem is the game. on Battlefield 1 and any other game i play i have less than 70-80 ms when the server is in EU. that clearly means that my internet provider/ISP is perfectly fine without any problem at all. since EU server of B&S is located in Frankfurt-Germany, how the hell i have more than 200 ms? not to mention that the ping increases on dungeons and arena and i get 250+++ ms. it's obvious it's game's fault, and not my internet provider. the solution isn't to pay for WTfast. the solution is for NCwest to fix the problem by getting better servers or whatever else is needed. same thing applies for performance. it's not our PC that are bad and need upgrade. it's the game that has bad optimization and PC can't run it
  8. Latency Issues

    the problem is the bad servers. especially in arena and dungeons the ping is higher. in EU, people from even Germany have 150+ ms and server is located in Germany. in any game i play that the server is located in EU i never get above 80 ms. i have less than 70ms when i play Battlefield 1 on server that is in Germany like B&S is. on B&S i got more than 200 ms
  9. Qi master and the 10th class ?

    sorry to disappoint those that wanted gunner or spear, but it won't be neither of the 2. they've said that the class has yet to appear in game at all. that includes npc's. since gunner and spear exist as npc, they're both out of the question
  10. do soulstones ring a bell? you know, that green shit you need to upgrade "6" items, for craft, transmute, etc bullshit. and before you say marketplace like a wannabe smartass, 30+s each=nope. at Awaken Siren and after, you need soulstone 2 times for each weapon/accessory rank: 1 time for breakthrough, and another one for evolution. at first soulstones may not seem much, but when you need 200*5=1000(for the 5 accessory) only for the final rank available, it's absurd. to upgrade all accessory after Infernal till max rank you need 680*5=3400 soulstones. to upgrade weapon after True Profane till True Scorpio its 1902 soulstones via Siren/Pirate path, and 1933 via Oathbreaker path. 5302 or 5333 soulstones, only for weapons+accessory. no calculating craft, transmute, etc etc. yup, pve should not complain at all
  11. your suggestion to get blackram purple soulshield is horrible, especially for new players. you need 2 unsealing charms for each 1, and the stats they will have and the number of the stats are random(low, minimum, max). i'm surprised that you didn't even mention this important detail? what if you get stats that are worse than the Viridian Valor soul shield? the same for Infernal soul shield at 36lvl, and those require 3 unsealing charms for each. if you have unsealing charms go for it, but i suggest you to keep what stats you get from 1st of each soul shield you unseal. if you waste multiple 3 unsealing charms just for 1 soul shield to get the stats you want and max number, you will run out of unsealing charms without realizing when they run out, and they cost 10s+20c each
  12. Are the voice packs bannable or not?

    if they ban me for using voice pack or wtfast, i will sue them for installing game guard on my PC without my authorisation. i read Terms of Service and there's nothing about game guard there
  13. but if you use a mod like hair mod etc, you're banned without realizing when you get banned. if you're a hacker you have less chances to get banned since they don't give a damn about hackers
  14. Is this some kind of sick joke?

    i clearly said "i'm not playing at all RIGHT NOW cause i'm doing some stuff". that means i will play when i finish what i'm doing. i'm the one that's done talking with you
  15. Is this some kind of sick joke?

    did you read my reply? i'm not playing at all right now cause i'm doing some stuff. how will i gather more mats before the event is up? and accessories are not affected. they go to Oathbreaker anyway, so there's no need to do changes. the thing is that the drop rate of accessories is so low, that you can finish gathering the mats for Siren/Pirate weapon before getting the accessories. there's no need to remove the weapon path