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  1. as i said in my previous reply, i have less than 80 ms on Battlefield 1 if the server is located in Germany(i have good connection), so my distance is more than ok as it seems 1. how exactly my router causes lag etc only on B&S and not in any other game? that's literally impossible. i play 3 fps and 2 mmo and i've never contacted my ISP to see if there's a problem 2. for B&S i have contacted my ISP a long time ago and there's no problem i didn't say all Germans. i've read in forum, youtube, etc that even people from Germany have high ping
  2. i have already contacted my ISP and guess what? no problem at all
  3. stop spouting nonsense that is my ISP. i have less than 80 ms when playing Battlefiel 1 in Germany servers, and B&S server is in Germany
  4. i didn't use the in game ping counter, but pping, paping etc
  5. there will be a 64-bit that "might" fix the fps, etc issues, but i don't see anything being done for latency. the latency issue should have been fixed since beta in 2015 by getting better server or whatever is needed. i read thet people from Germany have 150++ ms and server is located in Germany-Frankrfurt. no wonder i have 200+ from Greece, but strangely on Battlefield 1 etc games that servers are in EU i have less than 70-80 ms. and no, it's not your PC or ISP fault, so don't let anyone convince you it is. both performance and latency issues are from game's side ofc people will q
  6. the problem isn't our internet providers. who the hell believes this nonsense? the problem is the game. on Battlefield 1 and any other game i play i have less than 70-80 ms when the server is in EU. that clearly means that my internet provider/ISP is perfectly fine without any problem at all. since EU server of B&S is located in Frankfurt-Germany, how the hell i have more than 200 ms? not to mention that the ping increases on dungeons and arena and i get 250+++ ms. it's obvious it's game's fault, and not my internet provider. the solution isn't to pay for WTfast. the solution is for NCwest
  7. the problem is the bad servers. especially in arena and dungeons the ping is higher. in EU, people from even Germany have 150+ ms and server is located in Germany. in any game i play that the server is located in EU i never get above 80 ms. i have less than 70ms when i play Battlefield 1 on server that is in Germany like B&S is. on B&S i got more than 200 ms
  8. i don't love it at all. i'm lvl'ing an alt, and since the mail for alts is bugged(3++ months and still no fix), i can't mail him breakthrough and other items that i have. it's not fun at all having to farm again for breakthrough items, items for feeding, and materials when i have them on the vault of my main. i waste ton of hours to grind for feed items etc
  9. after April 27 update this is gonna be the requirement for my group "Legendary weapon or go home". if you want to exaggerate, you go all in
  10. i will start making group with 500ap requirement, but if i don't like your character name i will kick you
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