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  1. I enjoy being above everyone else, therefore I find places where I can do that. (It was fun seeing people try and attack me when I was wearing a PvP outfit though.) The Queen, after all, must be above her loyal subjects.
  2. Why aren't I getting the bonus? Feels bad man.
  3. He got one, which is why we both complained about the boss together, only I've been killing it for a while, and never gotten over 1.
  4. Makes no sense, seeing as I'm 45 and the fact that a buddy and I did it together, with no one else around. And yet, I got 1 essence, as did he.
  5. Like, can he be reworked so his tunnel isn't so annoying? I understand that it works with his type, but holy, at least make more than 1 essence drop at a time. Getting 2-3 from level 45 Field Bosses, but only 1 from Pinchy, who takes 3x as long to kill as a boss with 1m HP, is a joke. I'm mad bro, as farming this set is going to be tedious.
  6. Any males born into the race are either forced into sexual slaves or killed on the spot.
  7. If people are going to complain about cosmetics in a free game, then I have no words, as that's truly pathetic. They need to make money somehow without rolling into adding items to the store which make it seem more Pay2Win then it should be, such as adding Moon Water Transformation Stones to said shop, which I'm glad they didn't, and haven't. But, they need to make money and cosmetics are exactly how they're going to do that. I don't mind what they do and let's not forget that their prices are cheaper than the Guild Wars 2 cash shop.
  8. If the class was more like Lalafells from FFXIV, I'd play them, but the ears and tail combinations are ghastly... along with some of the hairstyles. Not to mention Lyn is the only class that can be Summoner, and Summoners make me want to smash my monitor.
  9. I always called that place Harry Potter, I cannot help it.
  10. RuneScape/Initial release date: January 4, 2001 World of Warcraft/Initial release date: November 23, 2004 Clearly RuneScape is the king of MMORPG's.
  11. WoW has bad graphics. I cannot appreciate the waifu I make.
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