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  1. Am i to picky?

    inb4 all the 'my waifu is a gon and you're wrong' people.
  2. Weather!

    Oops no, sorry it was a suggestion, the 'how about' was removed for some odd reason.
  3. Weather!

    At night creatures do more damage. Your accuracy goes down unless a light source is nearby.
  4. what type of music do you play while on B&S?

    Breakcore, Lolicore, Speedcore, Hardstyle. Anything fast.
  5. White roses?

    Calm down. I'm sorry I triggered you.
  6. That was such a good insult! I applaud you, friend. If you cannot do Mushin with your best soul shield and are only critting 5,000 with a 'near 300k' damage weapon, then it's your skill that is lacking. Please continue, today has been so droll until I saw this thread.
  7. Fix your scoring system...

    Isn't that how Assassins should be played though? Go in, do damage, flee.
  8. Your gear is horrid. I suggest upgrading it before trying to do end-game content.
  9. White roses?

    Indeed. They should just make everything free and then close the game in a month due to no money. Italics is how I do my sarcasm.
  10. Highest Crit You've Made

    You're a casual, that's why. Just kidding. Buffs from other classes/debuffs on the boss.
  11. Highest Crit You've Made

    21k with Dual Dragon. 16k with Inferno. FM.
  12. Really RNGesus?

    I feel so bad for laughing.
  13. Balance patch 10.02 opinion.

    I love how Kung Fu Masters are crying about this patch. The perma grapple class is getting a slight love-tap? Oh my, nonviable class, gutter trash now. Force Master is the weakest PvP class, you have a long way before you drop to FM standards, my grappling friends.
  14. "American" insults in Dungeons

    How can you call others illiterate, yet you're not far from that yourself? From the first few sentences, I can spot ten plus grammar and spelling mistakes, plus a few questionable order of word errors.