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  1. I was a really active player and community member for months after launch but I stopped playing several months ago for the reasons others already explained. It's boring, that's all. The fighting gameplay is interesting but not used at all so the vast majority of the content is extremely boring and just a DPS check. To progress in the game, you have to do the same DPS check hundreds of times in a row in order to get one or two stuff enhancements. Which allows you to... try another DPS check! There is no real progression feeling (that's the difference with other games), you just farm to get a be
  2. It's not bound to account because you get some with the surveys (or even some quests?). If it was bound to account, we would (or at least part of us) do as much alts as possible, level them until the first Dragon Pouch survey (wich is fast to get IIRC), transfer the pouches to our main character, delete the alt and start again. So they would need to take the pouches off the survey, or they wouldn't sell pouches anymore.
  3. Oui, il y a une option pour régler le fuseau horaire, mais ce n'était pas la question de l'OP a priori ^^. La question semble plutôt porter sur le fait que l'event du Fief est indirectement repoussé d'une heure à cause du changement d'heure, ce qui est pénible quand on doit le faire plusieurs fois (2 heures du matin, ça fait tard). Je ne pense pas que ce sera décalé par contre...
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