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  1. I'm not even surprised anymore. Annoyed, yes, but not surprised. >__>
  2. That's so painful. I feel for him. I JUST got mine from my LAST keys. (spent 200 keys OTL)
  3. Try deleting your browser history? For me that worked.
  4. nvm it works after deleting your browser history!
  5. Tbh I expected the Phantom Flower to be the giveaway. (you know, the winner of that costume contest from about half a year ago...) http://www.bladeandsoul.com/uk/news/costume-design-contest-2017-winner-revealed/
  6. Well I'll think twice now if I ever see a nice costume.
  7. As much as I hate AFK people please don't share names. You'll be the one getting a warning from this if a mod sees this. Fill in a ticket to report someone.
  8. There never was a class change voucher and there won't ever be one either.
  9. They got posted a while back in the milestone thread on page 9.
  10. Every time a new class comes out, you get 1 free slot.
  11. I really like your design Chikki! I think the upper part (both the front and back) looks absolutely amazing and the hairstyle is so cute. I'm not a fan of the stockings and I think it would have looked better with long white boots with black and golden details. (like the top) I think the shoes for the male version need more white, they blend too much with the pants. But overall I REALLY like your design. I love the combination of black, white and gold and it doesn't look like a crazy 'impossible' design either. I think it's weird you didn't get a place in the top. :(
  12. Soooo what do you guys think? I really like some of them and I voted for three costumes I think? I'm a bit worried about clipping but the one in the lead does look really nice. (that male version is friggin' fabulous)
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