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  1. Change bid to dice rolling

    The first case would be the one that sits next to the loot and lets everyone die. The second would always be the FM.
  2. Oh for the love of shit, UPDATE ALREADY!

    Dude, they did a 100% revamp of the engine. From the ground up. It might as well have BEEN a new engine. UDK is a lot less of a hassle, most of it will be copypasta for about a year, the rest will be small updates and tiny bug fixes.
  3. Leave it to the US Players.....

    So. Let me get this straight. You expect, for a player based, that centers itself around PvP, to not kick your dumb ass for putting on the faction outfit AFTER IT EXPLICITLY STATES YOU CAN BE ATTACKED BY THE OTHER FACTION. Seriously? And Im always listening to faction chat, and you know what? It's FUNNY, ITS FUN! People *cricket* around, people set up clans, and people set up raids to fight BW, Ogres, and Opposing faction. Just because your PG piece of shit mind can't handle a bit of R rated material, you expect us to censor ourselves to accommodate you're *cricket*ing ass? *cricket* you! Seriously, *cricket* you. On top of the whole "Me first" garbage. Yeah, a lot of players are like that, FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Not just EU,NA,CN,JP, or RU. It's people from around the world that do this shit. But you know what? You'll find people who want to help others just as much, so long as you're willing to ask, and not a total asshate like you seem to be. Yeah, people are dicks, hell the Blues on the Mushin server are filled with Zerging pricks that can't 1 v 1 to save a life. Hell, even when you beat them in a 1 v 1 they act like you've somehow shit out 3 random reds to help you. But like what I said before, their are some really nice ones, that understand how *cricket*ed the Factions are, and leave Reds alone. Unless the Red is an asshate and attacks the passive blue(s). TL;DR: Grow the *cricket* up, stop asking for everything to be handed to you, grow a pair, stop acting like such a brat, git gud, and for the love of shit, if you don't want to PvP, DON'T PvP! Simple! No? GGNORE, Im gonna go help some random kids through the heroic dungeons later, cause I can. and cause I like helping randoms. Oh, and the costumes are uncensored *cricket*wit, we got the Korean version, not the China version. Here's a link. Oh and if the complaining is about a few boring, shitty, little to no XP/gold quest. Get over it already. No one gives a shit. Really. Not a single person, honest to god, gives a flying *cricket* about some random quest that lets you steal panties.
  4. Have they addressed the faction imbalance?

    Which is a major problem. Giving Red some sort of bonus for being the underdog would help a lot. And lock people into the faction they FIRST choose will only further that.
  5. UE3 has been shit and out of date for years. For the love of god, UPDATE!! Jesus *cricket*ing chrst, the new UDK is amazing. They've added so much optimization and made it so friendly to use. WHY DO YOU STICK TO ARCHAIC PILES OF CRAP!! Oh, and I know it'd take ages to change over to a new engine, but they've had... well.. AGES!
  6. Have they addressed the faction imbalance?

    From what I've seen of Cer, they can't OWPvP for shit. 99% of the time, they have to zerg a single player to get a kill. As for Crim, they're basically tired of the zerg, and have found little to no reason to do OWPvP. You'll see them mostly in Arena PvP. So Crim has a lot of skilled players, but they all don't want to go through the hassle of OWPvP. What I'm hoping for is that the weaker faction receive massive buffs. Increased/reduced damage to/from Blackwyrm, double drop, increased Gold/exp from PvP dailies, double insignia drop rate, increased damage to NPCs. Stuff that gives Red's a reason to do OWPvP, without making it hard for blue to take them.
  7. Why KFM thread is empty?

    Their is no KFM thread because the Devs hate KFMs. Allowing the game to releasing with the KFM in such a gutted state confirms this. Do you 24 man Poharan. You should have gotten the Invitation from Poharan quest at 43. Do that with a good group, learn the bosses signs of attack, and after a while you should get your purple Blackram Supply Soul Shard. If your guild has good members that are willing to carry you through a Poh 6, do that to. Otherwise, just do 24 for now. Also, do your Mistywater's dailies. You should earn at least 10g a day from your dailies. But you 25 Attack Power, 140 Life steal on Critical, 300 additional damage, and.. umm I forgot the last Gem, if a KFM can speak up on it do tell. But all of them should run you around 50g.
  8. And than 4 others hop in, kill you, and say how bad red is for using zerg tactics.. I lol'd. I lol'd so hard. Dem Mushin's blues are so silly.
  9. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    It was GW2. You could look up an old video on it about some guy putting points into random stats and abilities and just instant killing hordes of enemy players. It was spammed all over the forums, and still took an additional 3 months to fix the issue. You should be glad you didn't play the game until later on.
  10. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    You can thank the guts for that around 6 months + into the start of the game.. God it was a horrible thing.. God it was such a *cricket*ing horrible thing.. It was so bad, I demanded a refund, and got it.
  11. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    You really don't sound like you were.. He had an AoE ability that let him throw daggers to surrounding targets up to x amount. The daggers did an outstanding amount of damage. A common tactic for Rogues were to go invis into a group of targets, spam the AoE, and than invis out when things got tough. Their even was a video that was spammed on the forums showing just how broken this son of a prick was! Can't find it though, and my thread about it was deleted when i got my refund.
  12. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    Oh hunny. You weren't there. Originally, it was able to return to stealth after using his AoE. On top of that, his AoE did a *cricket* TON of damage. He was given a massive nerf around 3 months later, but by than every had given up on the Dev team. That kind of OP should never have gone past the Beta testing.
  13. Fat lot of good it does being able to be activated once every 1:30... Sooo.. KFM has such shit damage.. Cause one 13k damage hit every minute thirty, doesn't justify shit.
  14. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    Or.. OR.. OR!! Just make them CC'able. Now they have to use something called "Tactics" It really doesn't matter to me, since every time they swing on me I get a stack of Pressure Point on them. Which is *cricket*ing hilarious.
  15. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    Although, Perma Invis is bullshit.. ON ANYONE. Even WoW knew this was shit and made them targetable at the very least! Hell it killed GW2 for allowing such shit to run rampart through the PvP. Also, Destroyed need to be CC'able during their Spin2WinEasyMode.