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  1. It was GW2. You could look up an old video on it about some guy putting points into random stats and abilities and just instant killing hordes of enemy players. It was spammed all over the forums, and still took an additional 3 months to fix the issue. You should be glad you didn't play the game until later on.
  2. You can thank the guts for that around 6 months + into the start of the game.. God it was a horrible thing.. God it was such a *cricket*ing horrible thing.. It was so bad, I demanded a refund, and got it.
  3. You really don't sound like you were.. He had an AoE ability that let him throw daggers to surrounding targets up to x amount. The daggers did an outstanding amount of damage. A common tactic for Rogues were to go invis into a group of targets, spam the AoE, and than invis out when things got tough. Their even was a video that was spammed on the forums showing just how broken this son of a prick was! Can't find it though, and my thread about it was deleted when i got my refund.
  4. Oh hunny. You weren't there. Originally, it was able to return to stealth after using his AoE. On top of that, his AoE did a *cricket* TON of damage. He was given a massive nerf around 3 months later, but by than every had given up on the Dev team. That kind of OP should never have gone past the Beta testing.
  5. Or.. OR.. OR!! Just make them CC'able. Now they have to use something called "Tactics" It really doesn't matter to me, since every time they swing on me I get a stack of Pressure Point on them. Which is *cricket*ing hilarious.
  6. Although, Perma Invis is bullshit.. ON ANYONE. Even WoW knew this was shit and made them targetable at the very least! Hell it killed GW2 for allowing such shit to run rampart through the PvP. Also, Destroyed need to be CC'able during their Spin2WinEasyMode.
  7. Yeah, I posted this way before I hit 45 and realized that they lost a lot of skills and others were massively nerfed. And I mean some massive nerfs. In the China version I was able to output 10k+ damage fairly instant. Now I can pop out 4-5k if I crit hard enough.
  8. I just said Google Search is nice, that's it. I posted that one wondering if you've seen it. I personally don't like it cause it's not as intuitive as a well made one, but it's a nice start.
  9. Just Punch EVERYTHING. You have to ask yourself: "Can I punch this enemy". If your answer isn't always "Yes, I will punch this enemy, and than punch it's children, because *cricket* you that's why", than give up as KFM. Also, http://2p.com/36967604_1/Blade-amp-Soul-Kung-Fu-Master-PvE-Build-Guide-by-emma.htm Google search is nice no?
  10. I can't get to the character screen ;_;.
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