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  1. I have a question , not so long time ago we got encouraged to use the site subscription , the 30d sub disappeared from game only the 90d remained, with the idea that you ppl will provide various benefits/rewards even just cosmetics and to make it an example u gave for subbing via site the Hongmoon black Feather head piece, everything good and dandy but that is the only thing we saw, i mean do not get me wrong but farming the gold i need for a 90d VIP is hell more easy and cost efficient for me then paying each month 15E from my wallet , what is the state of this how would u call it "event"? "v
  2. because some meles do not know how to do ssp .................. u ever asked your self what the drums do, the ones near the exchange npc.... check it out.... maybe u have a surprise
  3. i would like the whole Taiwan Premium , that includes the disappearance of in game gold exchange.
  4. if they would improve things i would agree with u , but they aren't
  5. in our case , not even that because we have no power but we have bills :D
  6. did ever , ever once in 1 million times , a dev(electrician) from electric companies came to your house and informed u that u will get a power shortage for 5h and then for 8h and u will not be able to use your shit in house because they can not provide service ? no, same shit here , ncsoft is providing service ,and is providing it in a very bad maner and soon they will lose customers, tbh even if i play with 270 ms i prefer paying TW version then this , at least there i am treated as a customer not as stupid milking cow
  7. no matter what reason it is , atm they denied 13h of game play , when i pay i do not pay with 1E less i am paying for the whole sum, there for i want my 744h of game-play i am paying for , is my choice if i wanna spend it or not , not their.
  8. i am reacting like a person who is paying each month 15E to play a game , in the last 2 day's u ppl denied me service for 13h , i want compensation for this , is not normal and even more for Christ sake again during EU time zone ....
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