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  1. i rarely ever post here, but at this point i cant deny this. i dont think this was the right call. the best call would have been to roll back the servers when the issue was found. now they are going to be giving the ppl who already got end games mats from this event a second going for free and reck the economy pretty hard. i lost faith in NC
  2. So for those of us that missed his point since OP's sentence is constructed poorly , what he wanted to say was the following. "The recent buff to warlocks soul burn and awakened skills is more then I have the skill to handle, so I will go ahead and be salty and make a post with poor satire" TL;DR : a salty sumn( judging from OP's name) that is mad that he can't just sunflower ppl to death and now they have to learn how to play. if I'm understanding this right :p
  3. Settings>Interface>show Server Delay Period.... Apparently its not showing true value
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