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  1. i rarely ever post here, but at this point i cant deny this. i dont think this was the right call. the best call would have been to roll back the servers when the issue was found. now they are going to be giving the ppl who already got end games mats from this event a second going for free and reck the economy pretty hard. i lost faith in NC
  2. Hello, Our Clan is a small but dedicated group looking to expand our members. What we lack in numbers we make up for in quality of players. We offer an competitive and driven atmosphere we can all grow and learn together. We do not have a AP req, but we do have an activity req. In our case its HM9. This essentially shows us that you have an interest in the game and are willing to take it further. If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me in game @: [ url="http://bnscoffee.com/character/NA/yuki%20xi"]Yuki XI or any time on discord @ iSilver#8706 see you soon ! :)
  3. I cant seem to find you on discord. Id like to talk to you , so if you could please contact me in game (IGN Yuki XI) or on discord iSilver#8706. our clan name is LuckyKoreanBBQ. I will also shout for you ingame, well ur clan atleast
  4. So BNS has claimed another one of my gaming mice. this time around I broke my 4 key and rmb xD I just wanna check in if anyone else is having a wear on tear on thiere hardware due to BNS or I just have a bad habit on clicking and pressing to hard (because obviously holding skills and pressing harder = more dps)
  5. thnx for the tip about the range, i cant wait to test it out ! However i think you are mistaken ( well we both were) 1) hm volley does cost 3 focus, but it will generate 1 focus back on a mob inflicted with target 2) awakened Salvo costs only 2 focus ( basically it removing the need for the target) So theoretically during SB if u use leech ( again only use this if u do NOT have the new badge )+HM shackle you will not be chi starved. here is the source I am using https://beta.bnstree.com/tree/WL ( im not around my pc to log in and check ) But the line on HM volley should rea
  6. Hello, Just want to ask if anyone knows the status of the current badges in TOI when the season ends ? there was a change to TOI last season and im wondering , when the season ends ( on the 16th of november) will the badges become tradable or will we have to wait ? Im only asking because there was a recent change to how it works but i can not recall the exact changes. thank you
  7. I have a recommendation. during soul burn if you are using wingstorm(v)+leech I would save sanctum for when ur outside soul burn. here is my reasoning : if you do not have the soul badge for leech and use it during soul burn u won't need the extra chi from HM sanctum. During leech you you gain one chi on on every hit. So let's do a little break down; Awakened volley should have the same costs and condition as HM volley ( minus insta cast ) therefore it should cost 3 focus and generates 1 focus from mobs inflicted with "target". Target is appli
  8. So for those of us that missed his point since OP's sentence is constructed poorly , what he wanted to say was the following. "The recent buff to warlocks soul burn and awakened skills is more then I have the skill to handle, so I will go ahead and be salty and make a post with poor satire" TL;DR : a salty sumn( judging from OP's name) that is mad that he can't just sunflower ppl to death and now they have to learn how to play. if I'm understanding this right :p
  9. If we follow the current way the KR version has it. there will be a trove at the end of every Quarter
  10. Hey guys, I would just like to state to NOT spend any real money on these boxes. they are bad and offer very little for the actual money put in. Rather id recommed that if you must spend, save it for the future troves. the gem is tempting but its not worth it. *I've noticed it does pop out quit a few mysterious stones/gems ( the ones used forfr crafting the higher gems) so if ur looking for that, then this is for u
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