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  1. i don't think its dying invested a very small amount into ncsoft befr release and im really happy with the return. The most recent earning support shows that its not dying but growing http://global.ncsoft.com/global/ir/quarterly.aspx?BID=&BC=2016#none some say B&S release dates are dirty purposely doing it on others but its very smart. like oct 5th bless is going to have a Korean update and we see now the 5th is an update for B&S
  2. DPS is never constant imo. Different mechanics different responsibility you have etc. im at 675 and normally average around 14-15k on a bad day with 30ms ping (good day is 14. in general i don't think believe you can objectify dps unless all the dps u ever do is compounded into an average etc. but ya 675ap 58.97 cirt % 219% crit damage 120% acc
  3. We had exp events when warlock and soul fighter was released. I think it was 150% exp for leveling and 200% exp for guild crafting. Just a side note i believe we have a exp event right now where you can buy lucky pouches everyday in my experience i got nothing less than 160k xp and that's the worst of it normally it ranges from 200-300k exp from the pouches from them. So i think this is better than the said leveling events when classes where released
  4. Great you have in interest in joining fill out a normal application and ill reach out to you
  5. I Want to know your experiences with drop rate in forgotten tomb. Ignoring all other drops (good soul shields, stingers, ornaments) how is the drop rate for draken necklace. Is 4 man truly better than 6 man? or are they even? if you happen to know the percentage drops rates in 4 and 6 man for ------->NA<-------- please let me know. Also how many runs did it take you to see a necklace and your general experience and is 4 man worth it?
  6. I'm checking like every 30 minutes at this point
  7. i don't think most people will agree i assume you use discord or some other speech app for gaming. Ya you don't need to tell them if you don't want to but it's accent that will separate you. Now im not saying any of you are living your lives through the game but as you play with others and SPEAK(not type) to them you become at the very least familiar. dare i say even call them a friend if only virtually. people tend to reject whats unfamiliar to them in natural i was actually in a Spanish dominant guild before and those guys wouldn't run with me. mind you i was like 550 they wher
  8. i would love to see a 6v6 match up but its really 6 separate 1v1's and which ever team has the most members standing they will win. no res, but potions are allowed. almost like a more intense version of the duels we had in story mode when silver frost came out
  9. FM but honestly what your asking for is a warlock. They will be BEYOND broken in up coming update
  10. im F2P and at most i've only had 300g and i have 617. i keep my gold in items tbh sometimes i just buy ornaments when they fall under 10g and sell em when they are 11g, same for tablets, radiance, pets etc. so maybe its just how u look at it. But in making money SSP hands down best option i know alot of people say SSP or dungeons but imo its SSp. Just because rng is to a minimal if your doing it right. alot of people terror farm which is cool and all but you leave it up to chance for keys and moonstones. If your 1st lieutenant and want to bring in bank just farm soul st
  11. exactly i want to know where everybody is getting these info from because idk. Im guessing since daily dash ends on the 24th an update will also be on the 24th. Which is fine but what will it contain?
  12. Man why limit it to bosses in dungeons this is a great idea we already have it for other classes right. Why not terrors and grind tooth, this would've been SOOOOO useful in the blackwyrm days.
  13. What new pve content exactly? if your talking about the weapon update and event then you must have legendary weapon and no alts what so ever. And will never intend on making an alt. Is there other pve content besides this? like story update? new dungeon what? iv been in the dark update wise please shed some light on this poor soul (pve wise ^^)
  14. iv actually become quite useful in ssp as a force master. Once you get it down everybody will love you and ask you to be on there party. its really more of a feel for the terrors. Like if a terror chain pull someone and there stun and pinned after 3 close range attacks they normally do the aoe where u can FS. But they switch aggro like mad in ssp so that not always reelable. Another thing if a terror is pinned once and after it gets up it chain pulls and stunned again they will ALWAYS aoe. i learned that the hard way. you really just need a feel i think FS last like 3s and th
  15. Quick background check im a total free to play player. I've been playing for about 2 1/2 months now and i'm 590 ap with crappy asura soul sheilds i have a level 2 pet in a great guild. Ok so i have no problems with how the game, i love it and its doable. I terror farm ssp every night starting 2 weeks ago and make at least 50g from it my max was 252g a combination of keys and moonstones. The events where really helpful in upgrading, and i'm sure all can agree as to nobody is complaining. It wasn't always this easy from 500-549 was the sickest, most terrible, absolutely annoyin
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