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  1. I just started playing the game(well, I technically played the game 3 times on the Korean, CN and TW server but the furthest I got ever was Poharan. When I played in the KR sever, the gated off dungeon in Sentinel Coast was still open xD) and was just wondering what to build first. I am planning to spend a bit of money(maybe about ~$300) so I don't have to play the catch up game for "too long." Knowing NCSoft, I know it won't get me anywhere but just would like to at least skip some boring farming because I don't really have the time to farm soulstones anymore. I remember there were only earrings, rings and necklaces back when I played but now it looks like I got a lot more gears to grind for...So what do I need to build to be able to at least enjoy most of the content? Thanks