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  1. I would've but I made this guide mainly for pvp. In arena all your stats are equalized so equipment doesn't matter. For pve, though, the gems are pretty standard for all classes: --diamond ap -- amethyst life drain -- citrine gem. you can get either additional damage or lifedrain on cc'ed targets. lifedrain would be the better of the two. --ruby with addtional damage.
  2. How is that not true? After oathbreaker, all the following upgrades when you get to true breeze are more expensive. With oath you're forced to go awakened breeze, and the cost from there to true is about 200g more expensive than from true pirate. Awakened pirate > true pirate by: -2sts -20 moonstone -60ss -50frozen stingers -and like 15 or so more gold to upgrade Now look at the market prices of these mats and add them up. That's how much more you're paying. Dude, just do not go for the new weapon path. Farming 24 mans is a waste of time,
  3. IGN : RaizenSama Class :Assassin Level: 50HM1 AP 452
  4. it will daze and cancel defensive moves, so you could for example use lightningdraw(4) to get back into draw stance quickly as well as get additional dmg from the daze. you can also q back into draw stance.
  5. Here's the example build I'm using as a reference point to all the abilities/combos: https://bnstree.com/BM?build=45010021004320132306331101113822111311052212621230222052120221104221272114221603220032213211 It's only lvl 45, what's your level? I can give you a good build based off your level.
  6. Hello, my fellow Blademasters...or just whoever is reading this...I would like to present a fundamental guide to those aspiring to know the basics to the Blademaster class. To those worried about my qualifications to introduce such a guide: It seems a bit pretentious, but whatever, I'm only showing this as proof of my competence(far from Cassis's or Jae's or Junho's levels). The knowledge of the class I'm going to bestow upon you, cricket, is golden information, and unfortunately for me, I wasn't taught this information starting out and had to learn through a
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