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  1. it's not only the tab bug, but also the bug allowing the cat to hit/cc you while you're in an aerial combo since you should have 100% evasion.
  2. Also, against good Summoners, focusing the cat is a waste of time. They will almost always find a response to get the kitty out of danger. It's just not worth wasting stealth +pve on the cat. Best bet is to try and seperate summoner from cat using web or tab swaps, etc, and focus the Summoner.
  3. Yeah, was wrong about the bleed, it's only deep wound that does that, but bleed increases the amount of damage taken and that stacks up. It does decrease health regeneration by 20% per stack, but that isn't anything significant. It does help over the length of the match, though. It's not about enjoying the match, in fact, I hate summoner matches so much. It's really not fun at all since actually combo'ing them is pretty impossible, so I'm forced to pve pretty much the entire match. Which, at this point, is so redundant and boring. X stealth is good, and so is lotus, but I've gotten pretty good
  4. Flower is good no matter what, and you save points as well. For more experienced players, I'd recommend fighting spirit since you can do insane damage. You can basically 100-0 the summoner or cat if they mess up, and do it pretty quickly too. Just try them both out, play around with your build and see what works for you. I'm only posting my way of playing to give other Sin players ideas. Time bomb is good, it's pretty nifty, you don't need to spec points into it and do pretty neat combos with z. And yeah, you can do that. If you specced to web, you can timebomb> z> knockdown
  5. Apologies, I didn't mean darkstrike, I meant lightning pierce. I also forgot to switch to that in my build I posted, but the reason I go lightning pierce is for for a nice increase in damage and the bleed stacks-- this is important because it reduces the amount of healing the summoner can do to itself or the pet. You can stack a good amount of bleeds if you can ani-cancel fast enough. It's worth it to spec for it simply because Summoners are always healing, you want to mitigate it. And about the chi cost, you shouldn't be able to rb+f many times since they have numerous ways to counter that. I
  6. I agree with N3ro's post, however that guide was for the lvl 45 HM 5 patch, so there are much needed updates. Your build is probably the most important thing against summoners, since essentially you're just going to try and pve the living shit out of them you don't really worry about complicated combos,etc. Here's the build I've had the most success with: https://bnstree.com/AS?build=5007001120310034103423010230193100841111230055100733199310123214221006230163201821009312144401321 Basically this build gives me all the stealth I need, good survivability and utilit
  7. you forgot to mention you're screwed if you're melee. so basically, if you're ranged with decent enough ap, farm ssp. if you're melee, better to use your time farming 4mans.
  8. Look it's obvious you don't score points healing, but it's also obvious having multiple ways to heal, pretty much perma heal, is a significant advantage in pvp. I can't tell you how many times I've did more than 2-3 times of the Summoners hp bar as damage at the end of the match because of their op sustain. So a summoner can easily take over 2x's their hp as damage and still sustain back to full hp and still be dps'ing/cc'ing during that time. BM's cannot do hit and run tactics that well at all...especially compared to Sin and Lbd. Sins can play that way, and as a Sin player mysel
  9. ^you're a good bd player. just got my butt kicked on my SIN by you. But, you need to know that f specced to kd is generally inferior to daze because you're wasting a skillpoint on it and dazes are better to combo with. Also, the lotus of poison you have to specc more skillpoints into and it requires the opponent to be poisoned first, as well as it having higher cds-- it's just an inferior choice to lotus of escape. My only advice to you is to go watch a SIN vs BD guide on youtube from a top SIN player, and you will understand why. That is all.
  10. Lol, I've tried to argue with you with actual reason, unlike your retarded points void of any semblance of logic, but like I've said, and I'm sure what others have noticed, you're simply too dull and stubborn to understand. You're only supportive of your own agenda. I can disprove pretty much everything you've said because it's mostly incorrect.
  11. I'm sorry man, but at this point with all the completely stupid comments from you, it's pretty pointless to reply to you. How about we 1v1? I'll do it on my SIN or BM, I'm that confident I'll destroy you on either, lol. Please...just stop talking about other classes capabilities...You've already showed everyone reading this thread you have no clue what you're talking about with match-ups, but now you're showing your "intelligence" talking about SINs. Lol. I actually admire your persistence, child. Just because you're a BD that gets owned by BM and SIN, classes you counter btw, doe
  12. M8, don't even bother, this kid has no idea what he's talking about and is hard as a rock. Almost everything he said about a SIN is laughable...F specced to knockdown? What in the living...*cricket*! First of all, as a general guideline to follow, you generally want to avoid using knockdowns in your main combos because it procs additional defensive moves on the opponent. Dazes, in general, are better than knockdowns for this very reason, and for sins it's better to have f specced to daze because like N3ro said it is part of our dazelock combo. Lotus of Poison!? Are you a camel? It
  13. BD's kit is significantly better than a BM's kit, if you can't understand that then you're delusional. I've tried presenting facts, but you're too bent on trying to prove BD>BM so nothing is getting through. I'm done trying to explain. But on a side note: " but there are only 73 platinum BD " " BM doesn't even have a top 1000, they only reach page 15 748 but they still have 38 platinum, half of BD " Oh, so BM's kit is just so good that unlike BD's they can't get into the top rankings? So if BM's kits are that much better than a BD's, why in the *cricket* are the
  14. M8, I've been diamond on my SIN and BM. Didn't have time to try pvp grinding with my KFM, but now that you challenge me with lBD. I will make one and get to plat. It's literally the second easiest class besides summoner. Hence why it's rated the second lowest in terms of skill by the dev team-- lmfao, they literally made this class with the purpose of making it simple to cater to less skilled players. It also has the best offensive capabilities of any class because of its insane burst and easy, op moves that enable them to get into it. I'm sorry, but if you don't know how to bait
  15. I can't take anything you say seriously. You literally...honestly...whole-heartedly believe that LBD's kit>>>>>>>>>BM's kit. There is no reason here, just pure, undiluted one sided madness. Pretty much all your supporting argumentation is just misleading and downright just wrong. You honestly are trying to make people believe that BMs have better kits than an LBM. GTFO of here, you have no idea what you're talking about.
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