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  1. I'm a Blade Master who uses the third spec. Right after killing a boss, most of my skills get greyed out while in Flock of Blades stance and I can't use them. I must then press "Z" and end the Flock of Blades stance and press "Tab" to enter the stance again so I'll be able to use my skills. This is problematic when in a dungeon where I must fight two bosses at the same time because right after killing one boss, the cooldown of all skills will be reset and then they'll be greyed out, even if the other boss is still alive. Please fix this so that this doesn't happen in situations where th
  2. In Act IX, Chapter 10 - Prison Break, you need to jump on platforms to proceed on the main quest. On the second occasion you need to do this, the first platform you're supposed to jump has no collision and, as a result, my character passes right through it. I've done this quest two other times, with different characters, so I know it's a recent bug. I can't proceed with the main quest because I can't follow the path. Please solve this as soon as possible. Here are the links for images with the specific platform I'm talking about, as well as images of my character going through the p
  3. Hi. I'm a returning BM player and I just got the Legendary Soul Badge Chest. I'm playing with the 3rd spec, Spectral Blade. Which badge should I choose? Is there an updated list anywhere? Here's my the link to my char if anyone would like to make any suggestions. I'm a bit lost as to gear progression, so tips are appreciated. :) Thank you in advance. My char
  4. Is there an alternative way to get the outfits in the title, like purchasing from a merchant? Oblivion drops from Desolate Tomb dungeon and Dark Flames drops from Gloomdross Incursion. Oblivion and Dark Flames Thank you in advance
  5. Hi. I'm a returning player playing for a couple weeks after a nearly 4 years break. I don't remember a lot and I'm a bit lost as to what I should be focusing on. I'm almost exclusively a pve player. What soul shield should I be focusing next? What equipment should I prioritize upgrading? Do I really have to farm for imperial cores so I can get my imperial ring/belt? Do I actually have to do battlegrounds at all or can I just skip that entirely? Also, what soul shield does the thornbreaker soul shield chest contains? Here's a link to my character info so
  6. On the Temple of Succession - Chapter 5: Seeing Clearly, on the second objective "Speak with Goyul in his cell", the audio for the 7th text the old blind man is supposed to say (beginning with "Keson's been sick for over a month. [...]") is wrong. It's clearly in another voice and instead of the text in the dialogue it says: "The entrance to the western heights in near the bazzar is near the imperial bazzar. Show this letter to the guards stationed." I believe it's the audio from the quest Temple of Succession - Chapter 1 that got mixed up. A screenshot of the dialogue in question: h
  7. I know that I used to do the daily quest Encroaching Shadows at Yehara’s Mirage to get a chance of dropping the Obsidian Serpent from the last boss. And that this quest is given by GungSang, npc at the entrance of the inn. At least back in 2017 (I'm a returning player). But now he doesn't give the quest anymore. I've already completed the main story up to act XI, ch 7, so that's not the problem. And I haven't done it even once in the week that I've been playing again. So where is the quest? Or alternatively, how to I get the Obsidian Serpent outfit now? Thanks for the hel
  8. Just like the title says, I'd like to know if I can enter someone else's profile (that has a photo of their in game character) and save it so I can have it as a base for the criation of a char of my own. I know I can do it with a preexisting char of mine by going into F2, chosing to Take a Picture and saving my appearance. But it'd be really helpful to do it to someone else's char. Thank you in advance. ^^
  9. Hello everyone. I used to play Blade and Soul a few years ago, back when the level cap was 50 (so maybe 4 or 5 years? Idk). I recently decided to play again but I'm a bit lost. I did create another Blade Master just to get a feel of the game again, but I have a lvl 50, HM 14 Blade Master which I'd like to play again with (mostly because of my outfits and such). To begin with, I barely remember the mechanics at all. And on top of that, what I do remember seems to be no longer up to date. For example, I remember I used to be able to spec some of my skills to the cc that suited me the mo
  10. All the topics regarding this issue were archived, so here you go. After enhancing my weapon prior to accepting the quest "Positive Reinforcement", I'm left unable to complete it. I'm a completionist freak, so abandoning a quest really bothers me. Is there anything that can be done about it? *Edit: To everyone who wants to solve this, just go to the beach and kill some crabs until you get a weapon drop, then evolve your weapon. This should allow you to advance the quest.
  11. @Raizou Oh, I see. Please let me know his answer. Thank you :)
  12. @dualistique Thank you very much. :) I'm happy to find people who go out of their way to make new players feel welcomed ^^ May I add you as a friend in-game? @SoulsHunter and @R0nin Even though I've only played a bit before the changes were implemented, I have the impression it was not welcomed at all. So not really an improvement. It seems they purposefully made fusing soul shields something much harder for low level players. Was there any word from the devs as to why this change was made or what they were trying to accomplish? Some issues they were addressing maybe?
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