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  1. Gem probably first or oil, but consider the hive queen mat if you don't have access to get one.
  2. For those who haven't noticed, venture tokens were removed from TOI rewards(Also for the solo dungeon ladder,Circle of Sundering) for those higher than rank 100. They were replaced with a number of treasure pouches. It's a disappointing change as I would rather have the venture token then the treasure pouches. (We can farm treasure pouches already in basin) I viewed the the previous placement of venture tokens as a nice gesture and extra incentive to run TOI. The in-game gold generation has already been reduced. It's removal is another "push" towards the negative "Pay2Progress" vi
  3. Yeah its definitely a disappointing change. I looked forward to the venture tokens at end of season.
  4. Yeah I don't know if we have to keep on flooding forums with these posts or not. The gold reduction in early dungeons and dc is a issue for mid-low gear players. Daily gold income was dramatically reduced for the exact same content and affects perception of growth.
  5. As more content is added the general flow for geared players is away from those dungeons so they are run less than before. The real take away is the gold nerfs are a regressive tax which hurts the lower geared the most 1k or less. So even with reduced upgrade costs a income reduction hurts them the most. Yeah its also true lowbies can sell mats from weekly. Its just that they need mats more than someone 1.1k so they are still "taxed" more from this reduction.
  6. Oh it appears they did remove strongboxes altogether.... Gold correction incoming. Eventually...
  7. Does that justify making things harder for a group of players. If we want to really cut into gold..go "balls to the the wall" and remove gold strongbox from upper level dungeons. Lol I see they did remove the strongboxes. Lol here we go...
  8. Next year you can make varsity son...
  9. Yeah these gold changes affect the low geared people the most. Why can't reductions be made without nerfing something else? It's like a regressive tax. What's the point of simplifying upgrades when access gold for those upgrades is reduced? The motivation of an event to get a better soul is lessened when someone has extreme difficulty in getting in a party to run those dungeons in the first place. I hope the dev team gets a whiff of this and reverts some of these gold changes, because most of these changes hurt those who need the gold the most.
  10. Yeah I think the claim that folks got rich out of running dc on alts is pretty far fetched. I would think that people only running dc trains are barely getting by. This has to be sarcasm.
  11. Yeah so even using your example for those free swimsuits they were made bound to account after event. So you could of transferred outfit received during event to alt using stamps. They have previously released event outfits later in the store to buy. I'm just saying why was this the only coin outfit character bound?
  12. Yeah I ran into this issue too. The one from the previous event was bound to account. I'm really against buying this one in the store now since apparently they want us buy it and not get it via event. I sure won't buy it because of this. It was the only event coin outfit not made bound to account. I guess in retrospect if outfit, gem, or oil get outfit because the other 2 will be readily available later on.
  13. Yeah its not so bad now that the clan season just reset but in a month from now it will likely be hard for a new clan (ex all baleful 12 or less) to rank up, especially since you need 1315 to hold a rank. Basically ones the rating tiers level out in a few weeks 6 friends with ascendant create an clan at rank 1300 battle until around 1345 or so around then I'll start to see competition near the same level. Once that happens they create a new clan and start over at 1300. One could says it's "balanced" because there are other teams doing the same thing.. so a battle at 13
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