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  1. Server Instability, lag, fps, ms

    Project Cars 1 did optimization patch and i got 17 fps without doing anything. they did another patch and i got another 7 fps. by now there shouldn't be fps issues in BnS no matter what cpu you have. but NCwest is incompetent in optimization. i have 70-80 ms when playing Battlefield and Overwatch in German/Netherlands servers and 200+ ms when playing BnS in German server. wtf?
  2. we're not gonna get the new class any time soon, and we're not getting it the same day Korea will 3. better servers so that we have less ms 4. bronze/silver/gold currency drop from mobs-bosses to non-premium users too 5. bank or whatever else to give-take items for-from our alt chars 6. give us back the skill tree(the new crap for skills messed up my build, it forced me to use 1 element when i'm mixed, it switched my HM skills to those i didn't use and removed the ones i used, etc) 7. balance the classes permanently instead of buffing-nerfing classes all the time. i hate it when my class gets buff, only to get nerfed in a later patch and be even weaker from before getting the previous buff 8. give us a non-cliche class. Moonlight Blade has fan, umbrella, flute classes, and other mmo's have bo-staff, etc classes 9. do something to make factions wear their outfit for pvp besides some specific faction quest, etc. if it's not for a quest, players don't wear faction outfits 10. upgrade the graphic engine i'm sure there's more, but that's all i could think for now
  3. Lag & Soul

    that's cause their servers freaking suck. that's why. in every game i play i don't have higher than 60-70 ms. i have never played a game that i have even 100+ ms. i just started playing Overwatch and i get 60ish ms without doing any tweak. ping on B&S? 240+ ms cause why not?
  4. What new class should BnS add next?

    as you can read in the answer it say "it will not be a hybrid, and has yet to appear in the game before". there are gunner and archer npc in game, so gunner and archer classes are automatically excluded
  5. Ping

    i'm sure they are aware cause we've reported this and have made countless threads like this going back from the first beta on November 2015. i highly doubt they give a damn. the fact that it's not fixed yet after 7 months have passed since 1st beta proves it
  6. Ping

    it's not your PC's fault, and it's not your ISP's fault either. if someone tells you that it's your ISP's fault don't listen to him/her and tell him to go to hell cause he's trolling you. the problem is caused from the bad servers of the game
  7. Unlock the Chi Master

    you wish it was childish. i just wrote it intentionally
  8. Unlock the Chi Master

    when i said that when it's time for the class to be released they will announce it, nobody listened to me. people where whining left and right saying they will quit if the class isn't released in April update etc crap. what do you have to say now hah? nothing. next time listen what others tell you and not be so freaking stubborn. what i said that they will announce the class when it's time, it wasn't words i pulled out of my ass. when it was time to release Warlock, they announced it a few weeks before the release. it was expected that they would do the same for Soul Fighter. but nope, people be like "i want Chi Master right now". brain of a 5 year old kid. i was gonna say 10 year old, but that's too much my prediction of release date fall off a few days. i've predicted start of July(like Warlock was start of March). close enough
  9. A brief essay on artificial difficulty

    FM? thanks for the laugh. try do it with KFM or a class that is depended on ani-cancel to do maximum dps. have fun dying countless times
  10. i'd say at least Awaken Pirate. True Pirate is the best
  11. nope. they've said they want to catch up to the recent content of KR as soon as possible cause they want EU/NA to compete in world championship coming out on this November. till we catch up, expect new update once per month
  12. Unlock the Chi Master

    i was 100% sure that it wouldn't be released on this update
  13. Hae Mujin Machismo

    i finally managed to leave that place after getting the important stuff, and now you tell me that i have to go back there(there's no way i'm buying them for 1g40s each)? holly shit
  14. don't waste your money on i7 cpu if you only play games. always go for i5, and invest the extra money that i7 costs for gpu or ram or put it back in your wallet/bank. if you do other stuff besides gaming then go for it. as for gpu, there will be new amd gpu's coming out this June(4xx Polaris line), and the HBM2 line on October(Vega). always go for non x. 390x has around 5fps more than 390(in some games the difference is even 2fps) and costs $110+ more. imo it's not worth it
  15. you forgot to mention "if you can do blackwyrm/terrors" with fps drops etc crap caused by the shitty gameguard. and yes, a lot of people have problems with gameguard. for example me. i only went do blackwyrm once. 20ish fps on low+ctrl-F and i didn't manage to do dmg. never went there again i don't do arena at all so no zen beans if you can do the dailies. especially ssp and ghf with all that lag etc bs caused by gameguard i refuse to buy soulstones with 32-35s each and make people filthy rich. i need thousands of those, and not just 10-20 32-35s on my server(and it's like this for a long time). that's no cheap at all