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  1. So what? If the new upgrade path was so hard to follow, then it would make the game unplayable for someone who starts after the patch. Just play at your own pace and don't worry about "catching up".
  2. You clearly need more practice with Impact T2F1.
  3. Difference in ELO NA vs EU

    or, as in every other *cricket*ing other mmo, eu players have higher average skill than your fellow american/oceanian players? :p
  4. If you have less time to play, then you'll progress slower, that's the rule in every game. Why should someone who plays 1 hour You know how prices work? If you increase the amount of gold in the market, prices will rise...sure, you'll be able to afford the static X gold upgrade the game forces on you, but then soulstones would be sold for like 1 gold each, poharan's perfume for 2 gold, blade master's *cricket*ing hongmoon book for 2k gold and so on.
  5. Two MAIN Problems with Arena.

    My issue with tag matches camera is that my character always faces the *cricket*ing wrong way when I interfere XD
  6. [VIDEO] Botter/hacker on arena 1 vs 1

    10-15% is a HUGE percentage of cheaters.
  7. Bots in the arena

    1vs1 is not okay, in 30 matches I played 20 of them against bots in this new season. It's boring, it teaches you nothing, and if you are a weaker class you can get raped if you aren't focused on the game.
  8. If you don't want to pvp (which is fine), get money through other means and buy soulstones, that's the only thing you can do :)
  9. Try playing a class that actually requires a brain to perform, then maybe you won't get hate :)
  10. Has anyone soloed Brightstone?

    Charge the right add, unleash all your blade call + knockdown + literally everything, and then kite spamming flicker untill adds are dead. Then it's easy untill first destroyer add spawns (you can spam block vs the boss 1v1, but the destroyer will grab you if you do). When the destro add spawns, unleash everything again and kite with flicker until it's dead, rinse and repeat when the FM add spawns. Second boss is easier if you can kill 2 adds during your projectile immunity, then you can just spam block and slowly killing everything, keep blade call for when assassin adds spawn. Final boss is a pita if you end up too far away and they use their ranged attack, but you got 2 extra lives for that so you can mess up a bit :P
  11. Has anyone soloed Brightstone?

    I soloed it with true profane 10(+25ap gem), awakened infernal accessories/siren belt+pirate bracelet (both at 5) and 3/5 bhs/tower shield (not infused), it's possible, maybe slow, but possible.
  12. And if it wasn't bad enough with all the bots, most of them use hacks XD It's ridiculous.
  13. If you play during off peak hours you'll face tons of bots. For example, at like 10am you will get 9 bots out of 10 people. In the evenings, i never encountered bots. Of course, that also means they face each other, and keep rising.
  14. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    I don't understand how can people claim that anicancel, something that can be performed by bots/macro, inreases skillcap...I don't think it's rocket science to press 2-3 keys in sequence rhythmically.